Spring 2024

Brahmanda by Mihir Bellamkonda
Heading Home Off the Cumberland by H.M. Cotton
So What if I Was Born Wanting Both by Melissa Crowe
On Silence, Intentionality, and Ethical Listening by Chelsea Dingman
Leaving the Sky by Andrew Hemmert
I Build My Nest With What The Bulldozer Pushes by Kristina Martino
Pomegranate by Betsy Mitchell Martinez

Visual Poetry: Notes and Delirium by David Joez Villaverde

Fall 2023

Still Life With Boquerones, Oil Paints, Bind Weeds, and Church Bells by Megan Arlett
Brainstorm by Dia Calhoun
I Still Won’t Have Known by Moriel Rothman-Zecher
I Pretend My Dreams Were About You Again by CJ Scruton
Restored by Deborah Shore
Jeremy by Burnside Soleil
Inheritance by Lindsay Stewart

Spring 2023

The Reservoir by C. Francis Fisher
Bodies, Revised by Elizabeth Muscari
Order imposes by Andrew Najberg
Any Moonwalker Can Tell You and Any Moonwalker Can Tell You: O Rings by Joel Peckham JR
Archival Footage: My Father Learns to Edit on a Moviola by Amanda Maret Scharf
Waldo by Cheyenne Taylor

Winter 2022

Mercy by Colin Bailes
Every Poem Is a List Poem by James Davis
Niagara Powerhouse by Joseph Housley
unholy by Anthony Thomas Lombardi
Comeuppance by Kevin McLellan
Earache and Polaroids by Jami Padgett
Ctimene by Noah B. Salamon
Zemirot by Rikki Santer
Lights Out Ode by T. Dallas Saylor

Summer 2022

Lateral Cut by Emma Bolden
How Different and
Fantasy of Loving the Fantasy by Jennifer Funk
Human Things by Rhiannon McGavin
Cognitive Milestones by Samuel Piccone
Fire Pathology by Sara Potocsny
Sounding Him Out by Julia Watson
Laika by Connor Yeck


Alzheimer’s translation: Homophonic II and
Alzheimer’s translation: Assonance by Alex Chertok
The Past Doesn’t Rise Like Smoke by Julia Kolchinksy Dasbach
Icing by Robin Gow
Fly Flying into a Mirror by Mikko Harvey
Séance with Half Belief by Christen Noel Kauffman
Sapello Son by Alejandro Lucero
All the People Who Died and Their Hopes That Died with Them and My Sad-Ass Dangly Silver Earrings by Melissa Studdard
Depression, with Figurative Language by Matthew Tuckner

Winter 2021

Desire Lines by Madeleine Cravens
Vision and Mnemonic by Melissa Cundieff
Jerry Mouse Considers Reconciliation by Jon Lemay
As It Turns Out by Robert Wood Lynn
Trading Kidneys with Strangers in Bars by Rebecca Poynor

Summer 2021

On Distance by Julia Armstrong
Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight by Shelby Clark
Elegy for a Methodist by Dorsey Craft
The Love Ridge Loop by Abbie Kiefer
Human Study by Tyler Kline
Wintering Over by Judith Skillman
The Pheasant Speaks and Sawing Season by Nick Stanovick
Decay by D.S. Waldman
Thin Evidence by Jane O. Wayne

Spring 2021

The Shambler by McLeod Logue
Country Music Show by Anna Leigh Knowles
Lessenings by Genevieve Payne
Because I Listened to the Dark Emo Love Songs of the Aughts by Erin Lynn
A Girl Walks Into A Party by Krysta Lee Frost
没你我没差 FINE W/O U DIPTYCH by Michael Chang
Easing by K.A. Hays
Every Story About Myself Begins by Erin Jin Mei O’Malley
High School Punk Show by Jim Whiteside
To Catch a Predator by Kelsey Kerin

Winter 2020

21 La Mano by Esteban Rodriguez
Seattle Animals by Sean Cho A.
Preparations by Sean Cho A.
Porcelain Bowl of White and Blue as Vessel for my Envy by Siew David Hii
Mississippi Border by Maria Zoccola
Complex Nonlinear System by Chelsea Dingman
After Dinner by James Ciano
Fourteen Seven Snickers Green by Kelsey Carmody Wort
space stationary by Kelsey Carmody Wort
Snuff by Jalen Eutsey
After Watching “Uncut Gems” by Jalen Eutsey
HARVEST SCENE by Kevin Costello

Summer 2020

Extraction by Lisa Low
Portrait of My Mother’s Grief by Maghan Baptiste
MONARCAS by Alfredo Aguilar
Recreate Life by Yongyu Chen
Postcard by Gabrille Hogan
friendship ode: road trip by Marlin Jenkins
here is the church by Marlin Jenkins
DESIRE LINES (2) by Jaydn DeWald
March by TR Brady
Distracting Grief by Jonathan Burkhalter
Motel Room by Jonathan Burkhalter


Devil could have sworn he heard the holy father say heaven help me by Charlie Clark
I bring the wart removal kit with me to the July 4th party by Sasha Debevec-McKenney
Nothing by Michael Dhyne
The Next War by Lilia Marie Ellis
carrion by Alyssa Froehling
Mile 18— by Lucien Darjeun Meadows
Heart Hidden by John Reid
Shane (1953) by Rob Shapiro
Dream with Perennials by Rob Shapiro


Birmingham by Carrie Chappell
Fire, Fire, by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
Beekeeping by Gabriel Fine
Calligraphy Lesson by Gavin Yuan Gao
Letter with Missing Parts by L.A. Johnson
After Watchmen, Chapter IV by Angie Mason
High Place Phenomenon by Sean Shearer


Redux by Deborah Allbritain
Anniversary by Julie Phillips Brown
Church can be a word for anywhere by Andrew Collard
A Secret by Ryler Dustin
The Possessed by Bryce Emley
Self-portrait con Naranja by Lupita Eyde-Tucker
Buying Ice at the Wawa for My Wife by Robert Fillman
(21) by A.D. Lauren-Abunassar
Sonnet for What Remains by James Kelly Quigley

Spring 2019

Spring Garden by Grady Chambers
Little Brother by Matthew Gellman
Would You Rather Sonnet by Maggie Graber
Dear Frank, and Demons by Zach Harrod
To Offer Sweet Fruit to the Ghost by John Paul Martinez
Lexical Cloning by Kristin Robertson


All That Matters by Bryce Berkowitz
My Grandfather Never Told Us About Chrzanów by Jacob Block
On Raising Boys by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
Saying Grace in a Time of Too Much (Elegy for a Future Loss) by Gregory Emilio
Prairie Burning by Joshua Garcia
Visiting the Memory Care Ward by Ginger Hanchey
1994 by Brandon Lewis
Finally the Whispering Pines Motel Burned by Josh Luckenbach
Salat Departing LAX the Week After An Attempted Terrorist Attack by Dujie Tahat


Why They Wore Orange by Rishee Batra
Necrophilia by Kai River Blevins
What Kind of God by Samuel Cheney
The Truth Is by Emily Cinquemani
We Don’t Know Yet Yhat the Little Girl Is Safe by Teresa Dzieglewicz
Early Morning Conversations After My Mother Stops Taking Medication by Erika Goodrich
The Manager Talks About Getting Engaged by Jeff Kass
Ghost Psalm by Jennifer Key
Metamorphosis: Procne Serves Her Husband a Meal of His Own Child; Changed into a Swallow, She Nests in the Palace’s Eaves, Does Not Weep and Metamorphosis: The Female Into by Maggie Queeney
Love Underground by Matthew Sumpter
My Boyfriend Says Poetry and NASCAR Are the Same and Ode to My Late-30s Sex Drive by Amie Whittemore
Softball Tournament at 37th and Lituanica by Lizabeth Yandel


Portrait Of Reality In Fragments by George Abraham
Poet Wrestling With The Beating In The Grave by Rosebud Ben-Oni
The Small Town’s Unwanted Daughter by Kristene Kaye Brown
,jentrəfəˈkāSH(ə)n by Bryan Byrdlong
Dragons by Grady Chambers
We Did Not Know Much About That City by Alisha Dietzman
I Am Samson And Delilah by Tafisha Edwards
Dark Green by Chad Foret
Divination, U.S.A. by Matthew Harrison
Aubade, With Omissions  by Perry Janes
Creolite II by Steven Leyva
Bloodline by Thomas Nguyen
Dear Computer by Emma Catherine Perry
In This Poem, A Goat’s Head Hangs From A Tree Branch by Lucy Wainger


Autobiography Of A Taxi Driver by Hussain Ahmed
Human Metonymy: A Tour Guide Through I And II by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
At The Brain Injury Research Institute by Chelsea Dingman
Juxtaposition With Foliage by Bernard Ferguson
On Hearing There’s An Active Shooter While Teaching High School In Trumann, AR by Zach Hester
A Pantoum by Alice Lai
This Is How You Get Rid Of Ants by Gerardo Pacheco Matus
& Always, On Her Birthday by Meghann Plunkett
Grace by Jacques J. Rancourt
Elegy For Michael Friedman and Rineke Dijkstra: Julie, Den Haag, Netherlands, February 29, 1994  by Lauren Goodwin Slaughter
Believer, Affix A Fish To Your SUV by Ross White

Summer 2017

Turning Eight by Pritha Bhattacharyya
Nineteen by Tara E. Jay
Divorce by Joshua Lee Martin
I Want Desperately To Be A Good Person by Josh Myers
What Goya Knew by David Salner
New Worship by Avia Tadmor
Landscape by Talin Tahajian
Ishmael In The Wilderness by Brandon Thurman
Au Hasard Balthazar by Brian Tierney
Thank You Letter To Hava by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
Easter Project and Silhouettes by Annie Woodford

Spring 2017

The Water by Dilruba Ahmed
She Went as a Cheetah by Evan Baur
Immortality (or on turning 36) by Zeina Hashem Beck
Tituba, Black Witch of Salem by Tara Betts
Altars by Bill Brown
Ecosphere Lauren Camp
narcissus (goes to the market) by jayy dodd
Poem for Kate in Chemo and Poem for Kate in Absentia by Alexis Rhone Fancher
Something Like Dark by Michael Hurley
we call ‘im buddy-toes by Marlin M. Jenkins
Beast Litany by Carly Joy Miller
In the Netflix Trailer Obama Says “I Don’t Fit in Anywhere” While Anthony Hamilton Pulls a Burning City Out of His Mouth by Julian Randall
To the Chevy Slowing Down Beside Me by Jacqueline Sabbagh
We Know Monsters by Their Teeth Kelly Grace Thomas
1941: The Drawings of Bill Traylor William Woolfitt

Winter 2016

Portrait of the Alcoholic Three Weeks Sober by Kaveh Akbar
Elegy, 1998 by Anuradha Bhowmik
Cruelty-Free by Conor Bracken
The Facts, As I Understand Them by Molly McCully Brown
The Doctor Asks Me When the Pain Began by Kerri French
Where Will You Spend Eternity : Heaven or Hell? by Mikko Harvey
Blue Orgy by Kamden Hilliard
At Skull Creek in Fayetteville, Arkansas by Chloe Honum
Junk Mail Marriage by Rachel Mennies
Social Death, an Address by Xandria Phillips
Beneficence by Justin Phillip Reed
Firewatch by Jan Verberkmoes
The Most Dangerous Game by Marcus Wicker

Summer 2016

Domestic Precaution by Lauren Albin
Without heads, living statues by by E. Kristin Anderson
The Lights Shut Off in the City of Ghosts by Ruth Awad
Leaving the Pain Clinic by William Brewer
Memorandum by Cortney Lamar Charleston
In August, I Undress by Leila Chatti
Prairie Rites by Margaret Cipriano
Going Home by Jeremy Michael Clark
The Real Self is Very Scary and Putting On My Body by Katie Condon
3:16 :: So Loved, Bop: No More Your Mirror | Side B: My Wife’s Fugue, and What I Mean When I Say Homesick by Geffrey Davis
For a Kid Death Happens Like This by Tyree Daye
Late Night with the Prince of Ruin by Stevie Edwards
Returned by Kate Gaskin
Behind the Story Being Told by Jeff Hardin
Crossdressed in Rochester, MN, I Consider My Reflection in a Bar Window by Samuel Hovda
Marriage, Ten Years In by Gary McDowell
Elegy for the First and White Boy Time Machine: Override by Hieu Minh Nguyen
What Dying Was Like by Philip Schaefer
Illustration and At Your Age, I Wore a Darkness by Maggie Smith
Landscape with Pentimento by Brad Trumpfheller

Spring 2016

Sometimes God’s Work Is Sloppy But It’s Always on Time & Dirty Talk by Kendra DeColo
Halloween in Hattiesburg by Brandi Nicole Martin
Unkilling a Deer by James Dunlap
Nature by John Poch
Dart by Peter Laberge
Prayer by Marielle Prince
Piano Night at the Saint Paul Hotel by Brianna Flavin
The House Where by Sara Quinn Rivara
Angels by Robert Evory
On Leaving Tennessee: An Orogeny by Cristopher Petruccelli
The Poet Laureate of Spokane Is My Landlord by John Allen Taylor

Winter 2015

A Time Like This and Bliss & Bravado by Emily Vizzo
If Ever I Should Have a Child with a White Person by Fatimah Asghar
Fourth Grade Autobiography by Donika Ross Kelly
Leaving Home by Stephanie McCarley Dugger
Friendship, Car Interior by Cody Ernst
the fidelity of nonfiction by Marty McConnell
Holiday Song and Glass Delusion by Danielle Weeks
Dream in Which My Body Is a Knife by Robert Campbell
Altitude by Jessica Goodfellow
Moving Homes by Lucian Mattison
Blueberries by Calgary Martin
Marriage by Wendy Wisner

Summer 2015

Island by Michael Bazzett
The Diner by Justin Boening
Benediction and For Stephen Who Is Not the Martyr, by M.K. Foster
Chet Baker, Breaking His Embouchure by Khaleel Gheba
Cutting by Brionne Janae
The Good Life by Matt Morton
Watching the Packers While Ovulating by Nora Hickey
Broken Sonnet: Bess Houdini by Mark Wagenaar
For Lack of Atari, 1983 by Lisette Alonso
The Bomba Man and The Blues Man walk into a bar, by Malcolm Friend
Chicken and Hawk by Matt Muth
Domesticity, Gothic Perspective by Susan Cronin
Sudden Hymn in Winter by Carlie Hoffman
A Prayer by J.G. McClure
Argument Against Motion by James Capozzi

Spring 2015

Birthday by Liz Clift
As One to One is Coffled by Kyle Dacuyan
Sound Effects by Kathy Davis
My Grandmother’s Vibrator by Amy Fant
Because you said not to write a poem about this, or If Mill was right about poetry by Anna Finn
As It Turned Out by Tracy Fuad
The Cottingley Fairies and The Body of Mr. Charles B. Rosna, 1904 by Katherine Johnsen
Recursive Echolalia: Elegy for Children by Bill Neumire
Where We Never See Our Heroes by Martin Ott and John F. Buckley
The Lacemaker by Nicole Rollender
Children of Women and Unclean by Ashley Trabue
Glinda Leaves Oz, Glinda and the Astronomer Talk About Marriage and Glinda and Miss Havisham Discuss Alternatives by Sarah Ann Winn

Fall 2014

Flowers by Jenni B. Baker
Litter and Visitor’s Center by Taneum Bambrick
taking out the garbage by B.J. Best
The Middle by Peter Kahn
Expecting Widow Visits the Aquarium and Self Portrait as a Desperado by Tanya Muzumdar
Departure by Pedro Poitevin
Boulder Sonnet, with Crickets and Buddha by Maureen Seaton
I fell in love with the sky but that got boring by Gregory Sherl
Married to Alabama by Ty Stumpf
Field Notes: An Alchemy and Aubade by Meg Wade
The First Not-Me Possession and The Body by Jess Williard

Summer 2014

Missives and A Remnant by Laura Kochman
Ragged Point Road by Joe Wilkins
Cascade Reservoir and Game by Calvin Olsen
A Summer and A Haunted Place by Heather Bowlan
Bore and July by Trina Burke
Swizzle Sticks and Ruby Reds by Meri Culp
A Beautiful Night for a Biscuit Truck by Anne Barngrover
Letter to the South by Daniel DeVaughn
Only in America: On Being Turned Around at Don King’s Estate,
Ashtabula County, Ohio
and Ailanthus: Tree of Heaven by Cindy King
Elena and Knitting by Luisa Caycedo-Kimura
Opinion Page by Anya Groner
In Her Letters, Emily Dickinson Would Sometimes Refer to Death as Michigan and What the Dying Said to Me in the Dream Where I Became the Dying by Charlie Clark
Considering Harper Lee during Sunday Mowing by John Davis Jr.

Spring 2014

Cygnets as Two Ghosts and North by Matthew Wimberley
Heron and I live across a field where they sell old things by Samiah Haque
Muscle and Future Queen of the Wilis Goes Hunting by Meg Johnson
Corpse Pose by Kristen Kuczenski
Fast on the Tenth Day of Tishrei and Freud Dreams of Sandman by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
the Witch by Freya Gibbon
Québec by Boona Daroom
Ghosts Into Stones by Gary Carter
Locks, Lemonade, and Last Call by Esteban Rodriguez

Fall 2013

Girlwife in July, Girlwife of Infrequent Lunch Meetings, and Parlor by Virginia McLure
Honeycomb and Skin by J.P. Grasser
Palindrome by Nate Marshall
Labor by Leah Huizar
When the Storms Come by Lisa Cihlar
The Disagreement by Sarah Carson
Wool, In the Hot Air Balloon, and Vermeer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Shelley Wong
Litany by Lisa Hiton
We Kept Our Shadow by Christina McDaniel
Rag and Bone by Ashley Strosnider
Takeout, 2013 by Corey Ginsberg

Summer 2013

Sailor into Fire, Sailor in Noise, and Sailor in Drag by Daniel Carter
Inquest and The Sun May Eventually Engulf the Earth by Suzanne Marie Hopcroft
Salt by Jeff Oaks
A Bottle of River by Maureen Seaton and Samuel Ace
Corn by Susan Comninos
They Do This by Kimberly Bruss
The Return by Caleb Scott
Parking Garage, California by Trey Jordan Harris
Aim by William Fargason
Dust Lords by Clay Cantrell
Locusts and Honey and The Knife Collector by Jesse Breite
Rubies for Dorothea Lasky by Caroline Crew

Spring 2013

House-Sitting, Woman in the Diorama, and Roadside by Annah Browning
Woman at the Well and Listening by Meriwether Clarke
If Only I’d Thought of It by Christopher Citro
Think of a House by Okla Elliott
Bystander’s Lament by Katy Miller
On the Flood, Grown More Perilous by Brianna Noll
Everett by Ann Pelletier
I Go Like This by Dara-Lyn Shrager
Elegy and Self-Portrait in Binary by P. J. Williams

Fall 2012

Two Views: Duke Street and Two Views: Wes and the Dead Bird by Joellen Craft
Honeysuckle Ghost in the First Baptist Church Back Pew by J. Scott Brownlee
cincinnati by Alexander Chisum
Never-Ending Birds by Sandra Marchetti
Little Exercise by Michael Marberry
My Drawling by Alice Bolin
Rick Santorum by Michael Meyerhofer
Super Tuesday by Nate Marshall
Resettlement by Jacob Newberry
Parable and Three Women by Rosanna Oh
The Hospital Room by George Moore

Summer 2012

Repeat Live Capture by Brad Clompus
Cul-de-Sac and Vine River by F. Daniel Rzicznek
Pantoum from Wilson Pickett Interview by Harold Whit Williams
Water-bearing by Ashley Keyser
A Story We Might Follow by Joe Wilkins
Dendrochronology by John A. Nieves
Mother: An Aggadah and Damage Ready by Sarah Marcus
Jake by Jonathan Brown
Tropic Troping Bird by Stephen Massimilla
Strange Victory, Strange Defeat by Jeff Alessandrelli
Dowsing by Gwendolyn Jensen
Destruction Myth and David and the Anatomical Venus by Emma Sovich
Dream of Adolescence by Leanne Chabalko
To a Girl by Rachel Marie Patterson

Spring 2012

Late Summer: To the Bride, Gaunt Pleasures, Rain Off the Gulf of Guinea, and The Sorting Grounds by Todd Fredson
Venus De Milo by Christopher Ankney
xylem/deployment by Amanda Bales
Epithalamium and La Tarantata by Claudia Cortese
Blue Talk Bites by William Ford
To the Protestor at the Pride Parade by Andrew Kozma
This Is Siren Country and Self-portrait with a Teak Fleet of Sailing Ships by Lo Kwa Mei-en
Darlings by Jenny Lederer
The Ash Trees at Midnight by Jacob Newberry
The Foundling Wheel (2), Prayer, and A Proof by Blas Falconer

Fall 2011

A Word for Berryman by Paul Allen
Stray Dog Prayers by Ryan Smith
Lazarus, To a Predator, and For My Brother by David McLoghlin
Rural Causality by Weston Cutter
Mandolin in White Wood, Inlay by Joshua Brown
The Sirens by Tyler Mills
Joe Cuomo, Local Weatherman, Tests The Old Idea Of Heaven by Sean Bishop
Litany by Rachael Lyon
Idyll, Prayer Handles, and Quart of View by Erin Radcliffe
Black Witch Moth by Phillip Williams
Becoming Human II by Jade Benoit
Upon the morning of the spring equinox I steal precisely ten words from John Berryman by Alice George

Summer 2011

Getting It Right by Andrew Najberg
Early In The Day Of The Solar Eclipse, XII., and Before The World Went To Hell by Miriam Bird Greenberg
The Mummy Boycotts Easter by Patrick Whitfill
A voice from the country of my dreams by Landa wo
The Rise of Communism, Robert Frost in the Slaughter House, and Self-Portrait on Cigarette Foil I by Craig Blais
Lesson by Jenny Johnson
On Hunger by Elizabeth Wade
To the Heart by Ori Fienberg
Red Doors by Joe Bueter
Therapy Dog by Phil Estes
Storm Windows (Imago) by John Nieves
The Horizon and The Plains by Christopher DeWeese
from Winter: aphorisms by Sarah Vap

Spring 2011

Grace and Ode to the Flute by Ross Gay
You Are Wanted in the Office by Naomi Shihab Nye
What Are You Supposed To Do Anyway? by Jack Ridl
Schistosoma mansoni, Pledge, and Thinking of Anne Frank in the Middle of Winter by Roger Reeves
The Barbecued Man and A Brief History of the Future by Jeffrey McDaniel
Photuris Lucicrescens by Lois Marie Harrod
Bildungsroman by Brittany Cavallaro
Salt Marshes by Janee Baugher
September 1st, 1923 by Fani Papageorgiou
Langston Blue by Jericho Brown

Fall 2010

Sonnet Crown for Blind Tom and Harry T. Burleigh meets Antonin Dvorak, 1893 by Tyehimba Jess
A Genesis Text for Larry Levis, Who Died Alone by Norman Dubie
Four-Letter Word by Hugh Martin
My Future Therapist Asks About Rage by Cathy Linh Che
Cotton Candy, Special Orders, and Fast Break by Edward Hirsch
The Lone Ranger, Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear by Jeannine Savard
Apology with Axe and In the Soak by Bridget Talone
Late Afternoon with Chagall by Michelle Peñaloza

Summer 2010

A Little Less Kettledrum, Please by D. A. Powell
[These diamond weeds are], [Again by the windmills’ wings], Microscope, and Circle and Rectangle by Maya Sarishvili, translated from Georgian by Timothy Kercher, Ani Kopalian, and Nene Giorgadze
Armando by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni
November 21, 1937 by César Vallejo, translated by Amy Demas Grunder
The Girl and Memory by Alice Neiley

Spring 2010

Southern Light and Honeycombed by Rickey Laurentiis
Backfire 2 and Energumen by Heather Derr-Smith
Elephant by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni
Our Lady of the Candelabra, Our Lady of the Pomegranate, and or the apple-russet silk by Sarah Maclay