We do not want you to ever 
get married      you cannot sleep 
with a hundred different people   each year 
if you are married     after the wedding
we drove across the jagged Alleghenies

right into the sun     we counted the fat cash
as if we were hungry    But we can make it possible 
for you to sleep with a hundred different people 
this year      the stones sharpen in our bed
they push upward       in the dark room

they call the decision heavy     your heart 
will tell you if you should get a divorce 
or not            but hope casts off
the shoulders       in the right wind
after you have the affair the rest is sediment

I take into my mouth              and swallow
An affair will let you know if you really want 
someone else                       perennial you planted
years ago      well wait  a minute        
hoping somehow

you should meet       all the other men
that are also unhappy         for love
to surprise you       lonely wife
love smiling       unearned
on your bright        stone face

Rachel Mennies