Badlands by Garrett Biggs
Higher Ground by Ashley Davidson
Some of the Lies I Tell My Children by Ruth Joffre


Domestic Precaution by Lauren Albin
Without heads, living statues by by E. Kristin Anderson
The Lights Shut Off in the City of Ghosts by Ruth Awad
Leaving the Pain Clinic by William Brewer
Memorandum by Cortney Lamar Charleston
In August, I Undress by Leila Chatti
Prairie Rites by Margaret Cipriano
Going Home by Jeremy Michael Clark
The Real Self is Very Scary and Putting On My Body by Katie Condon
3:16 :: So Loved, Bop: No More Your Mirror | Side B: My Wife’s Fugue, and What I Mean When I Say Homesick by Geffrey Davis
For a Kid Death Happens Like This by Tyree Daye
Late Night with the Prince of Ruin by Stevie Edwards
Returned by Kate Gaskin
Behind the Story Being Told by Jeff Hardin
Crossdressed in Rochester, MN, I Consider My Reflection in a Bar Window by Samuel Hovda
Marriage, Ten Years In by Gary McDowell
Elegy for the First and White Boy Time Machine: Override by Hieu Minh Nguyen
What Dying Was Like by Philip Schaefer
Illustration and At Your Age, I Wore a Darkness by Maggie Smith
Landscape with Pentimento by Brad Trumpfheller


Goodbye, and Again by Jamie Cattanach
Drake and the Erotics of Loneliness by Victoria Kornick


Questions to the Lost by Nicky Arscott and Greg Koehler
Lantern by Erin Kathleen Bahl


An Interview with Garth Risk Hallberg by T.V. Yurevitch


by Jennifer Garza-Cuen