Twelve Steps by Tasha Matsumoto
THE FIGURESThe Latest Standings, and Ghost Story by J. David Stevens


A Little Less Kettledrum, Please by D. A. Powell
[These diamond weeds are][Again by the windmills’ wings]Microscope, and Circle and Rectangle by Maya Sarishvili, translated from Georgian by Timothy Kercher, Ani Kopaliani, and Nene Giorgadze
Armando by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni
November 21, 1937 by César Vallejo, translated by Amy Demas Grunder
The Girl and Memory by Alice Neiley


The Country We Lived In by Natasha Lvovich
Little Roadie by Chavawn Kelley


Black Dog by Nick St. John
The Joke Seller by Jess Smart Smiley
Pregnant by Keiler Roberts


Meek; Wild by Brooke Waggoner
Little Emperor by Steve Earle
MoneyGrabber by Fitz & The Tantrums
Let Me In by El Perro Del Mar
There Ain’t No Easy Street by Steep Canyon Rangers
Mama Don’t Know by Margo Valiante
Inception by Paul Epp
On My Own by The Smart Brothers

Film & Dance

Elephant Medicine by Julian Wayser


An Interview with D. A. Powell by Andrew Rahal
An Interview with Glenn Patterson by Claire Burgess
An Interview with Steep Canyon Rangers by Zachary Greenberg
An Interview with Jaime Zollars by Matthew Baker

Summer 2010 Contributors
Cover Art by Jaime Zollars