Descending a Staircase by Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi
Twenty-Two Turntables and the Devil’s Still Home by Jason Arias
Plagues by Rebekah Bergman


Island by Michael Bazzett
The Diner by Justin Boening
Benediction and For Stephen Who Is Not the Martyr, by M.K. Foster
Chet Baker, Breaking His Embouchure by Khaleel Gheba
Cutting by Brionne Janae
The Good Life by Matt Morton
Watching the Packers While Ovulating by Nora Hickey
Broken Sonnet: Bess Houdini by Mark Wagenaar
For Lack of Atari, 1983 by Lisette Alonso
The Bomba Man and The Blues Man walk into a bar, by Malcolm Friend
Chicken and Hawk by Matt Muth
Domesticity, Gothic Perspective by Susan Cronin
Sudden Hymn in Winter by Carlie Hoffman
A Prayer by J.G. McClure
Argument Against Motion by James Capozzi


Crossing Brooklyn Bridge by Helen Betya Rubinstein


Three Comics by Harley Schwadron
Your Everlasting Gaze by Ryan King and Johnny Herber
Dead Mall, from This New Millennium by Dylan Good


Pop Song for Euthanasia and I Is What I Is by Shilpa Ray
Blondie and Skin Coat by Team Wild
I Remember and Trying by Bully


An Interview with Matt Baker by W.S. Lyon
An Interview with Claire Vaye Watkins by Rita Bullwinkel
An Interview with Lyndsey Marko by Rita Bullwinkel


by Lyndsey Marko