Spring 2024

Five Picto-Poems by Isaac George Lauritsen

Fall 2023

Somewhere Else, Somewhere Else by Nathan Holic

Spring 2023

Lab Rat by Michaela Chan

Winter 2022

Sunday School by Brian Kearney

summer 2022

2184 1/2 by Thomas C. Jackson & Fritz McDonald

Winter 2021

Excerpts from Surgeons! by Ali Shapiro

Winter 2020

Sourdough by Ellie Black

Summer 2020

Laborers of Love by Betty Junghyun Kim

spring 2020

Spitting Image by Brittany Matter, Heather Ayres & Sally Cantirino


from Geographic Tongue by Rodney Gomez

Spring 2019

Bodies in Space by Johnny Damm

Summer 2018

The Shaman’s Last Vision by Dave Sims


Imogen & The Beginning Of Color by Gabrielle Bates and Adrienne Raphel


Clickhole Sublime by Devin Mawdsley
Three Simple Requests by Dave Sims

Summer 2017

The Fish by Kelcey Parker Ervick

Spring 2017

Birthplace of the Saints by Kevin Reilly

Winter 2016

Lightning on the Mountain by Charlotte Gross
The Uncanny Uncle Dave in the Insatiability of Man by Sean Ironman

Summer 2016

Questions to the Lost by Nicky Arscott and Greg Koehler
Lantern by Erin Kathleen Bahl

Spring 2016

The Chronicles of a Boy with an Unreasonably Large Head by Anthony Veasna So
Shannon O’ Circle Part One by Ebony Flowers
Icarus by Nick Mullins

Winter 2015

Janie’s Summer by Dawn Wing

Summer 2015

Three Comics by Harley Schwadron
Your Everlasting Gaze by Ryan King and Johnny Herber
Dead Mall, from This New Millennium by Dylan Good

Spring 2015

but you are an artist too by Janne Karlsson
Robur, Once A Conqueror by Nicolas Labarre
A Blind Dog Named Killer and a Colony of Bees story by Mary Miller, adapted by Roo Vandegrift

Fall 2014

The Visit by Dawn Wing
60 Percent Water by Miden Wood

Summer 2014

Return to Manzanar by Makoto Ogawa
Alice Neel by Summer Pierre
Artoons by Rolli

Spring 2014

Cedar Shingles by Sarah Rutter

Fall 2013

The Parish by Joel Smith and Ryan Winet
New Artoons by Rolli

Summer 2013

Three Panel Book Reviews by Lisa Brown
Chiapas #2 and Because it was unseasonably warm by Nick St. John

Spring 2013

Artoons by Rolli
Lesbian Cattle Dogs by Lydia Conklin

Fall 2012

selections from Because You Love You Come Apart by Bianca Stone
Mowing art by Kevin Somers, story adaptation by Heinz Insu Fenkl, from the memoir by Stefan P. Kruszewski
The Ripping Wood written by Matthew Erman and illustrated by Lisa Sterle

Summer 2012

The Wrong Side of Rapture by Traci Brimhall and Eryn Cruft
Comiques by Anne Emond

Fall 2011

Like A Promethean Curse by VGE

Summer 2011

Chiapas by Nick St. John
MCA by Keiler Roberts
The Old Guys by Mark Ehling and Will Dinski

Spring 2011

Some People Are Trying To Read by Mark Burrier
Big Questions by Anders Nilsen
Goog Comix by VGE
Libraries by Amy Martin

Fall 2010

My Ex by Jeffrey Brown
Cards by Jess Smart Smiley
My Egyptian Fortune Cookie by Lisa Lim

Summer 2010

Black Dog by Nick St. John
The Joke Seller by Jess Smart Smiley
Pregnant by Keiler Roberts

Spring 2010

Chicano Codices Presents: Tamale Man #2 by Eric Garcia
Powdered Milk by Keiler Roberts
Eat by JooHee Yoon