No Doorbell by Jesse Goolsby
Panhandling by Tyler McAndrew
Johnny and July by Molly Bridgeforth


Girlwife in July, Girlwife of Infrequent Lunch Meetings, and Parlor by Virginia McLure
Honeycomb and Skin by J.P. Grasser
Palindrome by Nate Marshall
Labor by Leah Huizar
When the Storms Come by Lisa Cihlar
The Disagreement by Sarah Carson
Wool, In the Hot Air Balloon, and Vermeer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Shelley Wong
Litany by Lisa Hiton
We Kept Our Shadow by Christina McDaniel
Rag and Bone by Ashley Strosnider
Takeout, 2013 by Corey Ginsberg


Sick by Harmony Neal


The Parish by Joel Smith and Ryan Winet
New Artoons by Rolli


We Got The Days by The So So Glos
Blue Rooms by Honey Locust
From The Lake To The Land (Live in Tuscaloosa) by Foreign Fields
A Series of Events by Kisses
Every Time by Roman Candle


An Interview with Deborah Eisenberg by Lee Conell
An Interview with Justin Torres by Claire Jimenez and Laura Birdsall

Cover Art by Casey Ochoa