Summer 2012 Table of Contents

Comiques by Anne Emond



Dendrochronology by John A. Nieves

_____They were mining for time, but time was not cooperating.


Dowsing by Gwendolyn Jensen

_____Soft and slow, the water moves,/Comely, cool, it lingers


Step in (City Lines) by Fort Frances


Phosphorescence by Amanda Fields

_____Very hadn’t felt the same way as other mothers, the way everyone says you’re supposed to feel


Repeat Live Capture by Brad Clompus

_____ When you get/
to the field by the river,/
open the lid, expect/


On Deadlifting by Brian Furuness

_____I’m not a big man, but I have a powerful ass. This makes it hard to shop for pants, but it also makes one hell of a fulcrum


Tropic Troping Bird by Stephen Massimilla

_____ Our regard for each other a series/of seconds raring/
to stare and stare.


Plainsong by Hope Mohr



Water-bearing by Ashley Keyser

_____ The broad bronze women need no one/
now to save them, unremarked-on/
as anything else aging in public spaces.


To a Girl by Rachel Marie Patterson

_____ In the end, what we were given/
was not only violence.


Killing Time by Zephaniah Bostow


Cul-de-Sac and Vine River by F. Daniel Rzicznek

_____ The map is a hunger for dimension,/
what meaning becomes becomes meaning


Hoverboard by Sydney Freeland



Drive by Thomas Donovan


Destruction Myth and David and the Anatomical Venus by Emma Sovich

_____In these their last days alive, the workers bit at the remaining honeycomb, chewing it to soften it then spitting it out.


Mother: An Aggadah and Damage Ready by Sarah Marcus

_____Kirsten strokes my hair and says,
/ maybe you were put on this earth for your mother


The Stars in Illinois by Dallas Woodburn

_____Eleanor believes friendships are a matter of convenience and circumstance


Dream of Adolescence by Leanne Chabalko

_____ In the field I find sick bottles and arrowheads/
I see an elk rub antlers across a chokecherry tree


A Story We Might Follow by Joe Wilkins

_____ We shoe up and slip down drifts,/wend our slow way through oak/and heavy-headed sumac


An Interview with Alicia Ostriker by Melissa Cundieff

_____The writer, the poet, can experience himself/ herself as a vessel the wind of the spirit blows through.


Pantoum from Wilson Pickett Interview by Harold Whit Williams

_____After mother knelt down & hollered for my soul/ She’d hit me with anything – skillets & stove wood –


The Wrong Side of Rapture by Traci Brimhall and Eryn Cruft



Jake by Jonathan Brown

_____ We all become dust, but some of us just enjoy being swept away.

_____Poetry (Oral)

Strange Victory, Strange Defeat by Jeff Alessandrelli

_____ Invisible hands,/ invisible arms, invisible feet,/the snake rises up


The Eye by Mike Meginnis

_____Ben was back from the war and he had a purple heart. Nobody agreed on where or how severely he had been wounded.


Summer 2012 Contributors


Cover Art “Thread” by Pickles!, Master Obsessor and Creator of Fantastical Things