Yodeling for Life by Gregory Wolos
Syndication by Allegra Hyde


Flowers by Jenni B. Baker
Litter and Visitor’s Center by Taneum Bambrick
taking out the garbage by B.J. Best
The Middle by Peter Kahn
Expecting Widow Visits the Aquarium and Self Portrait as a Desperado by Tanya Muzumdar
Departure by Pedro Poitevin
Boulder Sonnet, with Crickets and Buddha by Maureen Seaton
I fell in love with the sky but that got boring by Gregory Sherl
Married to Alabama by Ty Stumpf
Field Notes: An Alchemy and Aubade by Meg Wade
The First Not-Me Possession and The Body by Jess Williard


The Mantra Suit of Armor by Jeff Bowles


The Visit by Dawn Wing
60 Percent Water by Miden Wood


A Slip and Upstate by Peaks
Montana by The Novel Ideas
Lucid Dreams Machine by Kaedo Sky
Seascape and The All Night Boys by Jake Shane

fILM & Dance

Roof Dance by Meg Weeks and Jomo Fray


An Interview with Kevin Wilson by Rita Bullwinkel
An Interview with Gish Jen by Katie Young Foster
An Interview with Alex Lemon by Michael E. Woods
An Interview with A. Van Jordan by Alicia Brandewie

Cover Art by Jos Demme