proximity. nvr the bride
‘s maid, always the booty
-call. gud service. bars. hear
me landless, post-ethic of decay:
digitization will answer the body’s complainant.

isn’t population explosion a post-9 / 11 concern?
if i see something, must i spit something? a nigga can’t
fraternize w the cock / pit
nor land the boi o’the month club, thin
as an apparition.
____________________________________betwixt me & the blu sky?
____________________________________tempered glass.
____________________________________betwixt me & his blu eye?

____________________________________black tie.
____________________________________parents, paternal racisms, & the relativistic anxieties of
____________________________________air travel.

here’s to yu, hot air balloon.
here’s to yu,
The Hindenburg.

as an advocate for the self,
ya girl maintains an emphatic
set of tears RE: security–

what i mean w my autoimmune flightmares.

sometimes prep / eration;
sometimes digital;
sometimes fervent & prayin 4 the 1st time in years,

not for abolition from pain,
but its inability to attend ya turnout. to avoid
the dome [taking it to], this time and answer the call:
boarding boarding & yu board
board bc yu deserve this. yu are trusted,
traveller. yu have emptied yr pockets and submitted
to identification 4 an evr crisp sip at his sky.

and bc yu deserve this, it hella hurts less
when depleted-of-native-sun-dudebro
all suh? & surprised @ya sitting, bc this
section of the craft is not abt more room
to work and relax
but the front of the cabin,


when he brushes me w the bill of his snapback, i am compelled
to flutter.

Kamden Hilliard