spring 2022

A Matchstick Riot in Little Foxes Took Up Matches by Kasey Peters

winter 2021

Focal Point: Poems by Jenny Qi

Spring 2021

Alien Miss: Poems by Carlina Duan

Summer 2020

Praying Naked: Poems by Katie Condon

winter 2019

Exorcism  Lessons in the Heartland:  Poems by Cara Dees


A Fortune for Your Disaster: Poems by Hanif Abdurraqib

Winter 2018

Appointed Rounds: Essays by Michael McFee
A Cruelty Special to Our Species: Poems by Emily Jungmin Yoon

summer 2018

Darling Nova: Poems by Melissa Cundieff
In the Time of PrEP: Poems by Jacques J. Rancourt


Music For A Wedding: Poems by Lauren Clark
Mosaic Of The Dark: Poems by Lisa Dordal


Subcortical: Stories by Lee Conell
American Purgatory: Poems by Rebecca Gayle Howell