Everything Hits at Once by Lucas Church
Roll Varmints Roll by Sasha Fletcher


Birthday by Liz Clift
As One to One is Coffled by Kyle Dacuyan
Sound Effects by Kathy Davis
My Grandmother’s Vibrator by Amy Fant
Because you said not to write a poem about this, or If Mill was right about poetry by Anna Finn
As It Turned Out by Tracy Fuad
The Cottingley Fairies and The Body of Mr. Charles B. Rosna, 1904 by Katherine Johnsen
Recursive Echolalia: Elegy for Children by Bill Neumire
Where We Never See Our Heroes Poets’ Guide to America
The Lacemaker by Nicole Rollender
Children of Women and Unclean by Ashley Trabue
Glinda Leaves Oz, Glinda and the Astronomer Talk About Marriage and Glinda and Miss Havisham Discuss Alternatives by Sarah Ann Winn


Dee Dee was a cat by Calvero


but you are an artist too by Janne Karlsson
Robur, Once A Conqueror by Nicolas Labarre
A Blind Dog Named Killer and a Colony of Bees story by Mary Miller, adapted by Roo Vandegrift


Endless Glory Days by Kai Carlson-Wee
My Rifle My Pony and Be Here Now by Patrick Chabot
Pendulum and My Little Life by Korby Lenker

Film & dance

Tamarack Base (Larix Laricina) by Ben Baker-Smith and Evan Kühl
What I Learned from 50 Shades of Grey by Morton Street Productions
Sunset Boulevard and Enjoy by Sam Rosenblatt


An Interview with Stuart Dybek by Simon Han
An Interview with Bruce Beasley by Mary Somerville
An Interview with Robin McLean by Michael Carolan


by Nina Barnes