What I Saw in Room 319 by Sylvan Allen
In the Lava Tubes by Ashley Rose Davidson


Two Views: Duke Street and Two Views: Wes and the Dead Bird by Joellen Craft
Honeysuckle Ghost in the First Baptist Church Back Pew by J. Scott Brownlee
cincinnati by Alexander Chisum
Never-Ending Birds by Sandra Marchetti
Little Exercise by Michael Marberry
My Drawling by Alice Bolin
Rick Santorum by Michael Meyerhofer
Super Tuesday by Nate Marshall
Resettlement by Jacob Newberry
Parable and Three Women by Rosanna Oh
The Hospital Room by George Moore


Crest by Susan McCarty


selections from Because You Love You Fall Apart by Bianca Stone
Mowing by Kevin Somers
The Ripping Wood written by Matthew Erman and illustrated by Lisa Sterle


Afria Talks to You by Delicate Steve
The Portent by Stonewall and the Jacksons
Lawn Knives by Born Gold
Jesus Gonna Do His Best by J. Roddy Walston and the Business
Good Boy by Town Hall

film & dance

No. I Don’t Regret Anything At All. Because My Life. Today It All Begins With You by Samuel Hanson
The Night of Joe by Joe Harkenrider and t.j. Peters


An Interview with Alison Hawthorne Deming by Christopher Adamson
An Interview with Dan Chaon by Claire Jimenez and Elizabeth Furlow

cover art by bianca stone