Nashville Review was founded with two guiding principles: that our venue would be inclusive of all forms of storytelling, and that it would be both free and available online to anyone who wished to enjoy it. We publish three issues annually: on the 1st of April, August, and December.

NR is edited by the MFA students at Vanderbilt University.

Editors in Chief: Carlina Duan and John Shakespear

Fiction Editor: Elena Britos

Assistant Fiction Editors: Kaylee Anzick, Carly Barnhardt, Shauna Basques, Katy Cesarotti, Katherine Churchill, Ryne Driscoll, Emma Furman, Christian Juru, Rebecca Kantor, Emily Meffert, Chloe McAlpin, Hassaan Mirza, Chelsea Novello, Maddy Poage, Charlie Sterchi, Emma Sunog, Richie Wheelock, Andrianna Yeatts, Maggie Zebracka

Poetry Editors: Joanna Currey and Joshua Moore

Assistant Poetry Editors: Siobhan Boroian, Alicia Marie Brandewie, Courtney Brown, Maria Isabelle Carlos, Christopher Ketchum, Vivian Langer, Darby Power, Ariana Yeatts-Lonske

Nonfiction Editor: Madelin Parsley

Assistant Nonfiction Editors: Maria Carlos, Chris Ketchum, Hassaan Mirza, Charlie Sterchi, Andrianna Yeatts

Visual Art Editor: Joanna Currey

Comics Editor: Joshua Moore

Translation Editor: Samuel Rutter