Nashville Review was founded with two guiding principles: that our venue would be inclusive of all forms of storytelling, and that it would be both free and available online to anyone who wished to enjoy it. NR seeks to feature art not traditionally recognized as literature—comics, film, music, visual art, creative nonfiction, dance, oral storytelling and other performance arts—alongside the more traditional forms of fiction and poetry. We publish three issues annually: on the 1st of April, August, and December.

NR is edited by the MFA students at Vanderbilt University.

Editor in Chief: Samuel Rutter

Fiction Editor: Alina Grabowski

Assistant Fiction Editors: Shauna Basques, Elena Britos, Katy Cesarotti, Riley Dankovich, Matthew Fox, Kelsey Norris, Madelin Parsley, Marianna Sharp, Anna Silverstein, Emma Sunog, Magdelena Zebracka, Pam Zhang

Poetry Editor: Sophia Stid

Assistant Poetry Editors: Alicia Marie Brandewie, Joanna Currey, Marissa Davis, Stephanie Davis, Cara Dees, Cydnee Devereaux, Carlina Duan, Joshua Moore, Lisa Kadenge Muloma, Ariana Yeatts-Lonske

Nonfiction Editor: Carla Díaz

Assistant Nonfiction Editors: Shauna Basques, Cydnee Devereaux, Carlina Duan, Katie Miller, John Shakespear, Madelin Parsley

Comics Editor: Elena Britos

Translation Editor: Samuel Rutter

Founding Editors:
Matthew Baker, Claire Burgess, Kendra DeColo, Lisa Dordal, Robert Funke, Zachary Greenberg, Susanna Kwan, Andrew Rahal, Valerie Sullivan

Contributing Editors:
Honor Moore, Kevin Wilson, Thomas Lux, Howard Cruse, Rebecca Makkai, Ander Monson, Salvatore Scibona, Sarah Maclay, Chris Bachelder, Heather Sellers, Imad Rahman, Patrick O’Keeffe, Derrick Brown, Alice Randall