Spring 2024

The Lark by Grzegorz Białkowski (translated by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka)

Fall 2023

The Mythical Peach Tree by Wang Yisun (translated by Bijaan Noormohamed)

Spring 2023

Wingless Bird by Humberto Ak’abal (translated by Michael Bazzett)
The Crib by Giulia Sara Miori (translated by Isabella Corletto)

Winter 2022

Erotyk by Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński (translated by Christopher Patkowski)
Let’s Pause the Music for a Little While by Aya Nabih (translated by Sara Elkamel)

summer 2022

Photographer by Chiew Ruoh Peng (translated by Yee Heng Yeh)
My Fur Rabbit by Hon Lai-chu (translated by Jacqueline Leung)

Winter 2021

The Boy Who Went Alone and Salt by Kim Hyesoon (translated by Cindy Juyoung Ok)

Summer 2021

And yet we were alone and Not an experiment with death by Chandra Livia Candiani (translated by Roy Duffield and Elisabetta Taboga)

Spring 2021

An old man by Liu Xingli

Winter 2020

Evenings Will Return by Alfonso Gatto (translated by Lisa Mullenneaux)
To a Foreigner by Alfonso Gatto (translated by Lisa Mullenneaux )

Summer 2020

Angel of our Summers by Jesús Gardea (translated by Nora Carr)
My Beloved Ysabel by Marlon Hacla (translated by Kristine Ong Muslim)


the center for gender problems by Lida Yusupova (translated by Hilah Kohen)
Marichú by Beatriz Espejo (translated by Nina Perrotta)


Two Micropoems by Margarita Serafimova (translated by the poet)
Saturdays by Tong Su (translated by Xiaoming Shan & Min Liu)


Eden and In the Next Room by Ximena Gómez (translated by the author and George Franklin)
External and Let It Come by Vicente Huidobro (translated by Jonathan Simkins)

Spring 2019

Between Us by Ubah Cristina Ali Farah (translated by Hope Campbell Gustafson)
To White and Refusing Burial by Mohammed Khaïr-Eddïne (translated by Conor Bracken)
Angelic by Dorothy Tse (translated by Natascha Bruce)
House by Sara Emanuel Viloria (translated by David Brunson)


Through the Night by Caio Fernando Abreu (translated by Ed Moreno)
My Name Is “I” by Geet Chaturvedi (translated by Anita Gopalan)
Two Poems by Alla Gorbunova (translated by Elina Alter)
Her Name Was Inés by María Flora Yañéz (translated by Alice Edwards)


At the North Pole by Dostena Anguelova (translated by Holly Karapetkova)
Kramp by María José Ferrada (translated by Elizabeth Bryer)
Two Poems by Sophia Parnok (translated by Rainie Oet)
Two Poems by Zhu Zhu (translated by Dong Li)


I Underline A Title Like I Underline A Country by Oriette D’Angelo (translated by Lupita Eyde-Tucker)
An Empty Word by Brenda Lozano (translated by Alice Whitmore)
Esther by Tobie Nathan (translated by Joyce Zonana)
Scene: 1993 by Enrique Sacerio-Garí (translated by Suzanne Jill Levine)
Hell In Bottles by Kyusaku Yumeno (translated by Sacha Idell)


To Be Or Not by Xurxo Borrazás (translated by Jacob Rogers)
Nine Moons by Gabriela Wiener (translated by Sarah Booker)
“Untitled” (After Gertrude & Alice) by Christian Yde Frostholm (translated by Karen Havelin)