laurel tree, limbs bent and twined into crown          heifer         bank of marsh reeds,
handful lashed into pipes, song in another breath         a clutch of conifers, weeping

amber         black bear, quarry, constellation         white crow, black crow         grass-
cropping mare         flames         voice repeating the last         darkened mulberry

fragrant incense seeping out of the ground         violet-like flower tracing
the sun’s path rock         darkness-seeking bats         sea goddess         rock

rock         rock         rock           rock        seabirds         serpent         a prize, a bride
monster crowned in snakes, ossifier, weapon         black and white magpies

arguing in near-language         water-flowing-fountain         half-alive, half-dead
flock of tuneful, maiden-faced birds         one of a pair of mountains         crane

stork          ash-gray spider weaving her traps in the corners of the ceiling
corpse         corpse         corpse         corpse         corpse         corpse           corpse

spring weeping into the summit’s anorexic air         nightingale         swallow
traitor, mother, cast-off ex-wife, witch, weaver of the poisoned robe, deadly gift,

filicide, unnatural           marble figure         corpse         patricide, exile, heron
diadem in the sky         guinea hens         five isles         a further island         linden tree

slave then fisherman then mare then bird then cow then deer         weasel         lotus
that bleeds when plucked         lotus         spring flowing from a shrub-oak tree

male         twice-dead shade         rock         whores, shame burning their bodies red into
rock         myrrh         lioness         grove of oaks         halcyon         male         barking

bitch snapping her jaws                  snow-white doves         deadly whirlpool virgin-
faced hounds snarling between her thighs         water, then nothing         a statue

of a woman         a star inside her husband constellation         corpse, living female,
fountain of chilled water

Maggie Queeney