Stitches by Naomi Shihab Nye
Desert Ghosts by Jackie Yang
Paper Plane by Fikret Pajalic


Sometimes God’s Work Is Sloppy But It’s Always on Time & Dirty Talk by Kendra DeColo
Halloween in Hattiesburg by Brandi Nicole Martin
Unkilling a Deer by James Dunlap
Nature by John Poch
Dart by Peter Laberge
Prayer by Marielle Prince
Piano Night at the Saint Paul Hotel by Brianna Flavin
The House Where by Sara Quinn Rivara
Angels by Robert Evory
On Leaving Tennessee: An Orogeny by Cristopher Petruccelli
The Poet Laureate of Spokane Is My Landlord by John Allen Taylor


American Family c. 1985 by Jenniey Tallman
There’s a Woman I Love in Prague by David Bersell


The Chronicles of a Boy with an Unreasonably Large Head by Anthony Veasna So
Shannon O’ Circle Part One by Ebony Flowers
Icarus by Nick Mullins


An Interview with Jane Hirshfield by Mary Somerville and Alicia Brandewie
An Interview with Lan Samantha Chang by Simon Han


by Chelsea Velaga