The Lady in the Song by Sylvia Watanabe
Edie Sedgwick by Jonathan Durbin


Missives and A Remnant by Laura Kochman
Ragged Point Road by Joe Wilkins
Cascade Reservoir and Game by Calvin Olsen
A Summer and A Haunted Place by Heather Bowlan
Bore and July by Trina Burke
Swizzle Sticks and Ruby Reds by Meri Culp
A Beautiful Night for a Biscuit Truck by Anne Barngrover
Letter to the South by Daniel DeVaughn
Only in America: On Being Turned Around at Don King’s Estate,
Ashtabula County, Ohio
and Ailanthus: Tree of Heaven by Cindy King
Elena and Knitting by Luisa Caycedo-Kimura
Opinion Page by Anya Groner
In Her Letters, Emily Dickinson Would Sometimes Refer to Death as Michigan and What the Dying Said to Me in the Dream Where I Became the Dying by Charlie Clark
Considering Harper Lee during Sunday Mowing by John Davis Jr.


On Naming Women and Mountains by Lucy Bryan Green


Return to Manzanar by Makoto Ogawa
Alice Neel by Summer Pierre
Artoons by Rolli


1922 Blues and Cheap Wine by Charlie Parr
I Walked Alone by Brittany Newell
Ye Olde Natural Feel and Keep Shining Through by Heatwarmer
Clarinettes by C

Film & Dance

Pink Noir by George Schaefer


An Interview with Urvashi Butalia by Rita Bullwinkel
An Interview with Eavan Boland by Alicia Brandewie and Sara Strong

Cover Art by Sam Rosenblatt