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College Scholars

A select number of freshmen who enter Vanderbilt with outstanding academic records—or achieve academic distinction in their first semester—are invited by the dean to participate in the College Scholars program, through which they can participate in honors seminars, enriched courses, and independent-study projects. For information, contact Associate Dean of Arts and Science Dan Morgan.

Departmental Honors

Students in every academic area may work toward departmental honors, programs designed to encourage independent study. Results are presented internally, and are also frequently published or presented at professional meetings. Students generally begin departmental honors work in the junior year, but outstanding seniors are also considered. Interested students should consult the homepage of the department or program for the name of the Director of the Honors Program in that area.

Senior Scholars

In rare instances, a selected number of highly qualified students may spend their entire senior year pursuing a project of particular interest. Previous Senior Scholars have written and produced documentary films, novels, and research monographs under the close supervision of a faculty committee. For information on this program, contact Associate Dean of Arts and Science Roger Moore.