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The German Undergraduate Program


The Undergraduate Program in German at Vanderbilt provides about 150 students with a profound basis for intercultural communication and a broad knowledge of German culture, literature, art, and media. Integrating the most recent debates in academic research, the curriculum offers excellent training for further academic exploration.

Initially, our students achieve a high degree of language proficiency. At a more advanced level, undergraduates choose from a broad spectrum of courses within German cultural, literary, and media studies. Courses are in German and English and combine tradition and innovation, covering all periods from the middle ages to the present based on various theoretical approaches (for example, women's studies, gender studies, media studies, post colonialism, intellectual history and the sciences).

Our program is intended to help students develop creative and independent thinking skills with the goal of broadening knowledge, raising curiosity, and fostering self-initiated research.

The Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages encourages students to intensify their studies by accomplishing a major or a minor in either German Language & Literature or German Studies. Excellence in undergraduate studies may be certified by an honors degree. Exchange programs with Regensburg and Berlin (summer) guarantee first hand experience in learning and living in Germany.