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Requirements for the Minor

Requirements for the Minor (starting Fall 2019)

The minor in anthropology requires 18 credit hours of course work, as follows:

  1. 3 credit hours. One introductory course from one of the four subfields in Anthropology: 1101 (cultural anthropology), 1301 (biological anthropology), 1201 (archaeology), 1601 (linguistics).
  2. 3 credit hours. One method or one theory course listed in the major, see above.
  3. 12 credit hours. Four courses from a theme in the major designed in consultation with the adviser, see above. 

Requirements for the Minor (until Spring 2019)

The minor in anthropology requires 18 credit hours of course work that includes any two of the introductory courses: ANTH  1101, 1301, 1201, 1601; one course listed in Group I in the major; and three additional courses from any combination of the courses listed in Group I, II, and III in the major.