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Economics and History

 The joint major in economics and history makes an important contribution to liberal education at Vanderbilt by helping
students understand the origins and organization of modern society. It also provides a unique preparation for careers in
business, the professions, and other fields by combining all the analytical tools of the regular economics major with history’s emphasis on clear and effective writing and on developing skills in gathering, assessing, and synthesizing information. The program consists of 45 credit hours of course work: 9 credit hours in an economic history core, and an additional 18 credit hours in economics and 18 in history. Students declare their major through the Department of History office.

See below for Core courses offered 2019-2020 academic year and Fall 2020 semester. 

Fall 2019

ECON 3150. Topics in the Economic History of the U.S.

HIST 1600. European Economic History, 1000-1700

HIST 1640. History of Capitalism

HIST 2111. China and the United States

HIST 2138. Blood Diamond, Blood Oil, Commodities, and Conflicts in Africa

HIST 2700. U.S. and the World.  

Spring 2020

ECON 3150. Topics in the Economic History of the U.S. (2 sections)

HIST 2150. India and the Indian Ocean

HIST 2255. Inventing the Modern Economy: Economic Transformation and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Europe

HIST 2660. The Birth of Modern Capitalism and Human Trafficking

HIST 3200. Poverty, Economy, and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fall 2020

HIST 1039. Global History 1453 to Present

HIST 1640. History of Capitalism 

HIST 2255. Inventing the Modern Economy: Eighteenth-Century Europe

Note: All students must have at least one semester of calculus; two are strongly recommended for the economics component. One semester of calculus is a prerequisite for ECON 1500, 1510, 3010, and 3020, which are required for the major. Calculus is also a prerequisite for all economics courses numbered above 3000. 

For Economics and History major requirements see page 100 in the 2019-2020 Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Catalog. Please note the update in the catalog for any students who matriculate at Vanderbilt in August 2018 and thereafter.

For more information, please contact Professor Ruth Rogaski.

updated March, 2020