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Minor Requirement Checklist

Program of Concentration (Minors) in African American and Diaspora Studies (21 hours)

    ___3 hours of credit from AADS 1010, Introduction to AADS.

  ___3 hours of credit from Area of Study I, Gender and Sexuality.

  Course 1 (3cr)____________________________________________________________

  ___3 hours of credit from Area of Study II, Literature, Theory, and Visual Culture.

  Course 1 (3cr): __________________________________________________________

  ___3 hours of credit from Area of Study III, Social Sciences.

  Course 1 (3 cr)____________________________________________________________

  9 hours of credit from Electives. (List Courses—Dept/Prog and Number):


  ** AADS 4270, Research Methods, Minors are encouraged to take AADS 4270, which counts towards a course in Area Study III, Social Sciences, but not before the second semester of the sophomore year. Semester completed or to be completed: _______________________

  At least 6 hours of the minor must focus on the Americas (outside of the United States) and/or Africa, and no more
than 6 credit hours of the minor can be taken at the 1000 level (excluding AADS 1010).


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