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Minor in Religious Studies

Minor in Religious Studies

18 Credit Hours. The Minor will introduce the rich diversity of religious traditions (BREADTH component), initiate depth in at least one tradition (DEPTH component), and encourage further exploration of different perspectives or traditions through ELECTIVES. A maximum of one course (3 credit hours) from outside the department may count if it is included in any of the three components of the major (Breadth, Depth, and Tools of the Discipline). No course may be used to satisfy more than one of the three components of the minor. 

Students minoring in religious studies gain a broad understanding of religions around the world and explore a chosen religious tradition in depth. Successful students develop a highly portable analytical skill set that equips them to pursue graduate degrees in religion or cognate disciplines, as well as professional degrees and careers in fields such as Law, Diplomacy, Medicine, and Business. Minors will gain the ability to reason intelligently about one of the most difficult and sensitive topics in any society. By virtue of the variety of religious cultures studied, the training will deepen students’ mutual understanding and sensitivity to prepare them to become truly responsible global citizens. 

Minors Worksheet Tool  - Use to plan and detail courses to date toward the fulfillment of a minor

BREADTH COMPONENT (9 Credit Hours) - ensures a familiarity with the rich diversity of religious traditions in the world.

A. Encountering Religious Diversity (3 credit hours). RLST 1010. An introduction to the field of religious studies and select traditions. 

B. Introductory Course in African or Western Traditions (3 credit hours).Introductory course in a religious tradition originating in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, or the Americas (including but not limited to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Egyptian religions, traditions of Sub-Saharan Africa, Native American traditions). 

C. Introductory Course in Asian or Non-Western Traditions (3 credit hours). Introductory course in a religious tradition originating in Asia or the pacific (including but not limited to Hindu and Buddhist traditions and those traditions originating in East and South Asia).

DEPTH COMPONENT (3 Credit Hours) - Deepening the study of one tradition. 3 credit hours. The student must choose one of the two religious traditions used to meet the introductory course Breadth Component to delve further into that religion.

ELECTIVES (6 Credit Hours) - may be drawn from any of the courses listed under the  Breadth, Depth, or Tools of the Discipline  component of the major.  

A. Note: Students may elect to deepen an area of study or they may build additional breadth in other traditions, regions, or themes.

B. Note: With approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Religious Studies and a minimum 3.3 GPA in the minor, the student may take RLST 4970, "Majors Colloquium." [Spring 2018 Course Guide