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Major Requirements At-A-Glance


The MAJOR in CSET consists of 42 credit hours, as follows:

  • One Introduction to the Communication of Science and Technology course (3)
  • One public speaking course (3)
  • One advanced non-science writing course (3)
  • One advanced (2100-level or higher) CSET or science communication skills course(s) (3)
  • One course bridging science, engineering, or medicine and health with non-science content and issues (3)
  • One statistics course (3)
  • Five courses (15 credit hours; minimum 3 credit hours per course) from the natural sciences and/or engineering
  • Three Electives (9)

For double majors, 12-15 of the above credit hours would be automatically fulfilled through the first major, without any specific courses double counting. An additional 3-6 credit hours may double count, leaving most students with 24 unique CSET credit hours.

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