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Minor Requirements (21 hours)

The minor in CSET consists of seven (7) courses, totaling a minimum of 21 credit hours, distributed as follows:

  1. Written and Oral Communications Courses (3 courses):
    1. CSET 2100.   CSET 3890 may be substituted for 2100 if offered, but 3890 is rarely offered.
    2. One advanced public-speaking course: CMST 2110, CMST 2120 or CMST 1501.
    3. One advanced (2000-level or higher) "W" course as defined in the rules for the CSET major.
  2. Natural Science and Engineering Courses (4 courses):
    1. one course bridging science, engineering, or medical and health with non-science content and issues, including public policy courses and environmental courses (selected from the list of courses approved for majors)
    2. three courses (minimum 3 credit hours per course) from engineering and/or the natural sciences, at least two of which must be 2000-level or higher Natural Science courses (as defined for the major).  The other course may be a 2000-level or higher Natural Science course or a course taken at any level from the School of Engineering.  Students may count 9 credit hours of Natural Science and/or Engineering courses toward this part of the 21-credit hour requirement, even if they choose to take 4-credit-hour courses.  Students may count the 1-credit-hour courses ES 1401, 1402, and 1403 as equivalent to a single 3-credit-hour course if they earn credit for all three courses.