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Immersion in the Latina/o Studies Program

Latino and Latino Studies offers a number of Immersion Opportunities, including internship opportunities in Nashville's growing Latinx community, service-learning courses, independent research options, and study abroad options. If you are interested in learning about any of these possibilities, make an appointment with Latino and Latina Studies Director, Gretchen Selcke by emailing her at You can also begin your research into Immersion at Vanderbilt at

An immersion sequence in Latino and Latina Studies (LATS) includes courses and the development of projects that will foster critical thinking about contemporary and historical problems, stimulate and inspire cultural production, engender a national and international lens on a culture that is indelibly changing the face of this country, and to develop in-demand professional skills and connections, while providing an enriching and transformative intellectual experience.

While students can design their own immersion experiences as three-course sequences that culminate in development of an individual project within a supportive workshop environment, below are some immersion opportunities designed by faculty in LATS that may prove helpful: 

Civic and Professional

Provides a service-learning experience connecting students to Latinx communities in Nashville.

Creative Expression

Fosters individual expression through creative writing, studio art, theatre, film, or music.


Includes critical study in a pertinent field, for example: literary studies, history, sociology, political science, or education.


Travel abroad to Latin America contextualizes and affords a more comprehensive perspective on the Latinx presence in this nation.

 For more specific information about immersion opportunities through LATS, contact Gretchen Selcke at, Lorraine López at, or Chalene Helmuth at