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Minor in Latina/o Studies Program


Students pursuing the interdisciplinary minor must complete eighteen (18) credit hours. The specific requirements are as follows:

  1. LATS 2201, Introduction to Latina and Latino Studies - (3 hours)
  2. SPAN 3303 or ENGL 3658 - (3 hours)
  3. If both courses are taken, only one may be applied as elective credit.
  4. LATS 4961, Latino and Latina Studies Seminar - (3 hours)
  5. Three other courses (9 hours), with at least one from Group A (Latina/o Culture) and one from Group B (Historical Context), if not already applied to satisfy above requirements.



ENGL 3658: Latino-American Literature.

HIST 2725: Race, Power, and Modernity. 

HOD 2510: Health Service Delivery to Diverse Population. 

SOC 3702: Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States.
SOC 3322: Immigration in America.

SPAN 3302: Spanish for Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics.
SPAN 3303: Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature.
SPAN 3345: Spanish for Business & Economics.
SPAN 3830: Spanish for the Medical Profession.
SPAN 4310: Translation and Interpretation.
SPAN 3835: Latino Immigration Experience.
SPAN 4750: Afro-Hispanic Literature.
SPAN 4755: Latina and Latin American Women Writers.



 AADS 3178: Colonialism and After.

ANTH 2106: Culture and Power in Latin America.                                                                                                                  
ANTH 2220: Human Landscapes                                                                                                                                       
ANTH 3240: Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations.
ANTH 3242: The Archaeology of the Ancient Maya Civilization.
ANTH 3202: The Collapse of Civilizations.                                                                                                                           
ANTH 3160: Anthropologies and Archaeologies of Community
ANTH 3161: Colonial Encounters in the Americas.
ANTH 3241: The Aztecs.
ANTH 3243: Classic Maya Religion and Politics. 

ENGL 3674: Caribbean Literature.

HIST 1380: Modern Latin America.
HIST 2450: Reform, Crisis, and Independence in Latin America, 1700-1820.
HIST 2480: Central America.
HIST 2570: Caribbean History, 1492-1983.
HIST 2580: American Indian History before 1850.
HIST 2590: American Indian History since 1850.
HIST 286B: US & Caribbean Encounters. 

LAS 2101: Introduction to Latin America. 

MUSL 2110: Music in Latin America and Caribbean.

SPAN 4450: The Contemporary Novel.
SPAN 4740: Spanish-American Literature of the Boom Era.
SPAN 4760: Literature and Medicine.
SPAN 4465: The Theory and Practice of Drama.
SPAN 3892: Special Topics in Hispanic Literature.



AADS 1010: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies.

PHIL 3617: Philosophy of Language.

PSCI 3217: Latin American Politics
PSCI 2219: Politics of Mexico
PSCI 3228: International Politics of Latin America
PSCI 3264W: Global Feminisms 

SOC 3314: Environmental Inequality & Justice.
SOC 3612: Class, Status, and Power.
SOC 3701: Racial Domination, Racial Progress.
SOC 3232: Contemporary Mexican Society. 

WGS 1150(w): Sex and Gender in Everyday Life.
WGS 3201: Women and Gender in Transnational Context.