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Minor Requirements

The Max Kade Center for European and German Studies also offers a minor in European Studies. The EUS minor is a logical complement to a major in anthropology, history, economics, literary studies, philosophy, and political science. It involves 18 hours of course work with concentration and distribution requirements similar to those for the major, but on a reduced scale. A background in a modern foreign language is highly recommended. Students choose a thematic focus and take approved European content courses distributed as follows:

  • EUS 2201, European Society and Culture
  • EUS 2203, The Idea of Europe
  • 3 additional hours selected from EUS-labeled courses (or approved substitute)
  • a minimum of 3 hours of modern European history
  • a minimum of 3 hours of relevant work in social science
  • a minimum of 3 hours of relevant work in humanities
The minimum number of hours required for the minor is 18. Declaration of minor forms are available in the Max Kade Center.  You may download a copy of the contract for the minor in European Studies here