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Meet our Students

A community of engaged pathbreakers.

With nearly 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students hailing from all 50 U.S. states and more than 90 countries, A&S immerses you in a rich diversity of culture, experience, and thought. 

This diversity creates a dynamic learning community. Our students are empowered to explore what they’re passionate about and gain perspectives, capacities, and skills they will need for any career opportunity. While at Vanderbilt, our students are creating, discovering, building, and forging paths they never imagined possible.

Read more about our undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and learn more about our students below.


Liyu "Leo" Huang, BA'24

When Leo attended the Fall Research Match event during his freshmen year at Vanderbilt, he never imagined it would lead him to three years of immersive, hands-on research combining his two passions: medicine and the creative arts. Shaping an Immersion experience that uses his artistic eye, Leo helps bridge communication between pathologists and surgeons in the operating room.

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Ellie Allain, girl in wetsuit underwater writing notes

Ellie Allain, BA'25

Conducting whale shark research for her Immersion experience and starting a scuba diving club on campus, Ellie plans to focus on policy as it relates to the coastal landscapes and vital marine resources, and how climate change impacts marine species.

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Maya Reddy

Maya Reddy, BA'24

Maya recently recieved the Department of Defense Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) scholarship, and says she found mentorship an especially important part of her path as she studies and researches biohazardous threats.

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Pedro Rosales-Diaz

Pedro Rosales-Diaz, BA'25

Having published one poetry collection and now working on a second, Pedro says that poetry "was a way to mention some of the trials and tribulations I have overcome, but also it can be a place for someone to read it and relate to it. It is important for everyone to feel included and seen."

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KeShawn Ivory

KeShawn Ivory


KeShawn is co-director of events for Black in Astro, an organization that celebrates and amplifies the Black experience in space-related fields. The group recently won the Annie Maunder Medal for outreach or public engagement in astronomy or geophysics from the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Jacxob Steenwyk

Jacob Steenwyk

Biological Sciences

Jacob and collaborators at Vanderbilt, Tel Aviv University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, measured the coevolution of pairs of genes shared across budding yeasts to identify the genes that participate in the same cellular or molecular functions. The results of this work could fundamentally change how we identify genes with similar functions.

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Lucy Kim

Lucy Kim


In the six years Lucy has worked as a tutor and mentor in Vanderbilt’s Writing Studio, she has held more than 800 appointments, providing writing support to more than 400 undergraduate, graduate and professional students. “I’ve never really thought of my clients in terms of numbers or hours. Helping them is something that I do almost automatically because it’s something that I cherish.”

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