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Graduate Academics

Innovative collaborations. Cross-disciplinary exposure. Devoted mentoring.


Sitting at the physical and intellectual center of a world-class research university in one of the nation's most dynamic and exciting cities, A&S is a place of tremendous depth, breadth, and possibility. Across departments, disciplines, and programs, graduate students at A&S make the most of an elite intellectual landscape that is both highly rigorous and uniquely collaborative. Students in our graduate programs work with world-class scholars and mentors on research projects that have world-changing impact, across countless fields of study.

Graduate Programs

Graduate education in the College of Arts and Science focuses on doctoral programs, with students typically earning the M.A. or M.S. in progress to the Ph.D. Programs that offer a terminal master's degree are noted below.

Ph.D. Programs



Biological Sciences


Creative Writing (M.F.A)

Earth and Environmental Sciences







Political Science

Psychological Sciences


Master's Programs

Graduate Program in Economic Development (M.A.)

Jewish Studies (M.A.)

Latin American Studies (M.A.)

Master of Liberal Arts and Science (M.L.A.S.)

Mathematics (M.A.)

Medicine, Health, and Society (M.A.)

Collaborative Programs

Biomedical Sciences (M.S.) - with School of Medicine

Biostatistics (M.S., Ph.D.) – with School of Medicine

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences (Ph.D.) – with School of Medicine

Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program (Ph.D.) – with School of Engineering

Neuroscience (Ph.D.) – with School of Medicine

Quantitative and Chemical Biology Program (Ph.D.) – with School of Medicine

Religion (Ph.D.) – with Divinity School

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates enable Vanderbilt graduate students to add depth or breadth to core studies undertaken in their home department. For instance, a student interested in Asian government and policy might pair a Ph.D. in political science with a graduate certificate in Asian studies. These certificates can also help strengthen a student's application for the workforce.

Graduate Certificate Program in American Studies

Graduate Certificate Program in Asian Studies

Graduate Certificate Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Graduate Certificate Program in Jewish Studies

Graduate Certificate Program in Latin American Studies

Graduate Certificate Program in Medicine, Health, and Society