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Graduate Academics

The College of Arts and Science's diverse array of graduate programs foster student success in all areas of graduate study, from professional development to pioneering scholarship. Students pursuing master's and doctoral degrees have access to world-class research, library collections, and technology, as well as the opportunity to be paired with some of the university's most distinguished faculty in a mentorship setting. For more information about graduate research opportunities, please see the College's research page.

Please consult each department or program website for specific information on the requirements for graduate study in that area. Except where noted below, the College of Arts and Sciences does not commonly award terminal master's degrees. Ph.D. students generally earn a non-terminal master's degree as part of their studies.

Graduate Programs

Anthropology (Ph.D.)
Astrophysics (Ph.D.)
Biological Sciences (Ph.D.)
Chemistry (Ph.D.)
Comparative Media Analysis & Practice (Joint Ph.D.)
Earth and Environmental Sciences (Ph.D.)
Economics (M.A., Ph.D.)
English (M.F.A., Ph.D.)
French (Ph.D.)
German Studies (Ph.D.)
History (Ph.D.)
History and Critical Theories of Religion (Ph.D.)
History of Art (M.A.)
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences
Latin American Studies (M.A.)
Master of Liberal Arts and Science (M.L.A.S.)
Mathematics (M.A., Ph.D.)
Medicine, Health, and Society (M.A.)
Neuroscience (Ph.D.)
Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Physics (Ph.D.)
Political Science (Ph.D.)
Psychological Sciences (Ph.D.)
Sociology (Ph.D.)
Spanish (Ph.D.)
Spanish and Portuguese (Ph.D.)

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate Program in American Studies
Graduate Certificate Program in Asian Studies
Graduate Certificate Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Graduate Certificate Program in Jewish Studies
Graduate Certificate Program in Latin American Studies
Graduate Certificate Program in Medicine, Health, and Society