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Majors and Minors


Students may declare a major after the completion of the second semester, but no later than the fourth semester of residence. Students declaring a major in one of the recognized fields apply to the appropriate department or program for assignment to an adviser. Students who wish to develop an interdisciplinary major must first meet with a dean.

The selection of a major is quite important and is a requirement for completion of the degree. To assist in the selection process, the College of Arts and Science sponsors a majors fair every fall semester where students can familiarize themselves with the requirements for individual majors.

Students officially declare their majors by registering with the Office of Academic Services for the College of Arts and Science, as well as with the chosen department(s) or an interdisciplinary adviser approved by the dean.

» How to declare a major.

Double and Triple Majors

Students may choose to concentrate in two or three major fields. Each A&S non-interdisciplinary major must include at least 24 credit hours that are being counted solely toward the major.

List of Majors

Are you looking for a particular course of study at Vanderbilt? You're in the right place. All our degree programs are listed below — just start typing in the search box to filter the list, or use the column headers to sort them. You can also click on the DISCIPLINE to the right to limit the display or simply use the search box below to narrow down the choices. The first icon next to each major directs you to a general description of the major. The second icon takes you to page of the sponsoring department or program.

MajorInfo Sheets
African American and Diaspora Studies Learn More
American Studies Learn More
Anthropology Learn More
Art Learn More
Asian Studies Learn More
Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Learn More
Biological Sciences Learn More
Chemistry Learn More
Cinema and Media Arts Learn More
Classical and Mediterranean Studies Learn More
Communication of Science and Technology Learn More
Communication Studies Learn More
Earth and Environmental Sciences Learn More
Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Learn More
Economics Learn More
Economics and History Learn More
Architecture and the Built Environment Learn More
English Learn More
Environmental Sociology Learn More
European Studies Learn More
European Studies: Russia and Eastern Europe Learn More
French Learn More
French and European Studies Learn More
German and European Studies Learn More
German Studies Learn More
History Learn More
History of Art Learn More
Italian and European Studies Learn More
Jewish Studies Learn More
Latin American Studies Learn More
Latino and Latina Studies Learn More
Law, History, and Society Learn More
Mathematics Learn More
Medicine, Health, and Society Learn More
Molecular and Cellular Biology Learn More
Neuroscience Learn More
Philosophy Learn More
Physics Learn More
Political Science Learn More
Psychology Learn More
Public Policy Studies Learn More
Religious Studies Learn More
Russian Studies Learn More
Sociology Learn More
Spanish Learn More
Spanish and European Studies Learn More
Spanish and Portuguese Learn More
Theatre Learn More
Gender and Sexuality Studies Learn More

Pre-Professional Study at Vanderbilt

Pre-Medicine/Health Professions


Students may declare a minor after the completion of the second semester, but no later than the beginning of the final semester of residence. Students may combine a minor with any major, but each minor must include at least 15 credit hours that are being counted solely toward the minor.

Students officially declare their minors by registering with the Office of Academic Services for the College of Arts and Science, as well as with the chosen department(s). A minor is not required to earn the degree. Students have the responsibility to know and satisfy all requirements for any declared minor. The Director of Undergraduate Studies of the department offering the minor is a good source of information if students have any questions.

» How to declare a minor.

» Additional Minor Information.


List of Minors

A&S students can also add a minor from Blair, Engineering, and Peabody