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These are our loyal companions. Sometimes we wish we can take them to the field with us, or even to class.
Enjoy! (mouse over to read description)

20 18 First-generation of Anthro Pets

Lou Proctor the cutest Cat ever, and and now living in Canada
Little Gizmo  gave his family a scare in late May when he decided to explore the neighborhood and go party for a couple of nights. Thankfully he was found and now he has learned that a comfy bed at night is better than a bunch of mosquitoes and mischievous squirrels.
Gizmo Johnson, he has 3 siblings that love him so much. Here Logan, one of his siblings is hugging him.
Trudi Korsunsky showing her advance reading list starting with David Harvey
Richie Nagy chilling and thinking about his next move
Richie Nagy  in his TV debut "Picture of the day" at the local TV Chanel WKRN (May 17, 2019):

Olive Alcantara Posing as the queen she is

Chewy Dyer and Joe-Pug Dyer and Kane Dyer
Pinkerton Hernandez Ore and Fritz Norman  pretending they are two little angels 
Kish-Kish Guengerich reading a recent National Geographic article about Central-Coast child sacrifices, with an artwork that features perros calatos. Pinkerton Hernandez-Ore and Fritz Norman hitting the road
Ruffles Ross exploring the wilderness

The 2019 Pets definitely try to outshine the previous cohort with serious posing

Jelly Bean Tung-Wernke as always chilling and living the life
Buddy Dillehay resting after a long session of recording... it is hard to be a star!
Here is Buddy in a commercial showing his best acting skills:
Molly Banks taking care of the farm and the chicks
Biggie-smalls McCray posing as the adorable friend he is...since the times of the Anthrohouse
Charlie Gill showing his abilities with toys
Timba Gill, simply majestic taking a sunbath

2020 Rabits, Dragons and of course dogs

Charlie Morrow, He is the fluffiest.
Noodles Wernke the energetic puppy
Tita Benn-Torres rocking the tongue hanging out pose Lolo Benn-Torres with with the anxious eyes is her littermate
Jasper Dragon Benn Torres
Lucy Robbins Rocking her rain jacket and chilling after a long walk Lucy Robbins enjoying a well deserve Starbucks... no guilt
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