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Graduate Awards and Honors

External Awards and Honors


  • Gabriela Oré Menéndez: NSF-DDIG, Legacies of Colonial Dislocation and Resettlement in Peru. Inaugural Rising Scholar, Seminars for the Society for American Archaeology.
  • Gloria Perez: Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post-Doctoral Award. Dissertation Fellowship, Centre for Ethnography, University of Toronto.
  • Kathryn Peters: Fulbright IIE for research in Paraguay.
  • Maya Krause: Fulbright IIE for research in Peru.
  • Sylvia Cheever: NSF-GRFP 3 year Fellowship.

Vanderbilt University Awards and Honors


  • EU Zavaleta: Training Grant. Graduate Institute Grant. Vanderbilt University.
  • Gabriela Oré Menéndez: Dissertation Enhancement Grant. Graduate Leadership Institute. Vanderbilt University.
  • Phyllis Johnson: Tarkington Archaeology Scholarship. Vanderbilt University.

College of Arts and Science Awards and Honors


  • Taiye Winful: College of Arts and Science Summer Research Award. Vanderbilt University.
  • Terren Proctor: Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award. College of Arts and Science. Vanderbilt University.

Departmental Awards and Honors


  • EU Zavaleta: Engaged Anthropology Award.
  • Gabriela Oré Menéndez: Public Outreach Award.
  • Maya Krause: Teaching Assistant Award.
  • Miguel Cuj: Research Excellence Award.
  • Terren Proctor: Transdisciplinary Award.