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Application Process

In order to focus faculty attention and resources, the graduate program will enroll a maximum of 19 Ph.D. students, which translates to two to four new students per year. Applications received by January 15 will be considered for enrollment in the subsequent Fall semester.  (Application Fee Waiver)

The department accepts only students who seek the Ph.D.; no MA-students are accepted. Doctoral students receive the MA in passing after they satisfy language and course requirements and pass comprehensive exams. Students who do not pass the comprehensive exams may, at the discretion of their exam committee and the DGS, have an option to receive a terminal master’s degree, which may require additional exams or written work.

The application process to apply for the Ph.D. program in Anthropology is all done online, and it is administered by the Graduate School. Complete applications are due January 15 of the year in which you want to enroll (e.g., if you wish to start in Fall 2021, you must submit a complete application by January 15, 2021).

All students who are admitted receive tuition remission and a generous stipend for five years.

Click HERE to apply online.


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