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Setting up excavation units for VU excavations

Why Anthropology? Humanity needs the study of anthropology now more than ever. We live in a world that is at once hyperconnected and fragmented. Anthropology—the study of humanity in all times and places—uniquely enables us to understand the full breadth of human diversity while appreciating our common connections. While other disciplines partition the human whole for insights, anthropology seeks to understand how all dimensions of humanity—everything from our biological constituents to our social, political, religious, and economic practices and institutions—are deeply interconnected. Rather than isolating variables, anthropologists seek to understand connections. Reflecting our disciplinary breadth, anthropology students go on to make vital contributions in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, with rewarding careers in everything from law, medicine and public health, consulting, and business. We invite you to take up the challenge and promise of anthropology to find novel perspectives and solutions to the issues facing our changing world.