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Undergraduate Awards and Honors

Departmental Undergraduate Awards and Honors


  • Alyssa Bolster: The Emily Plant Research Grant. Diet in the Wari Imperial Hinterlands: Stable Isotope Analysis of the La Real Burial Population (600 - 1000 CE), Arequipa, Peru. Advisor: Tiffiny Tung.
  • Elizabeth Rosenthal: Anthropology Research Grant. Barriers to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare for Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals: A Social Media and Context Analysis Study. Advisor: Sophie Bjork-James.
  • Jordan Rhym: Anthropology Research Grant. Power and Influence of Protest Music and Chants During the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement. Advisor: Gabriel A. Torres Colón.
  • Joshua Woods: The Emily Plant Research Grant. Heart Health in the Heartland: An Ethnography of Heart Disease in Hardeman County, TN. Advisor: T. S. Harvey.
  • Krista Panageas: Anthropology Research Grant. Structural Racism and COVID-19; An Ethnographic Approach to Death, Suffering and Relief. Racial Disparities in Healthcare Made more Eminent by Covid-19 Outbreak. Advisor: Norbert Ross.
  • Sophie Rust: Doulas: Anthropology Research Grant. A Bridge Between Western Medicine and Marginalized Communities. Advisor: Sophie Bjork-James.