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What you can do with an Anthropology degree

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2017 Survey of Past Anthropology Majors

Markus Eberl (with the help of Brian McCray), August 23, 2018. 
  • Anonymous Spring 2017 survey of past anthropology graduates with quantitative and qualitative questions regarding the following goals:
  • (1) understanding the professional situation of anthropology graduates; 
  • (2) getting their assessment of the anthropology program’s usefulness; 
  • 44 anthropology graduates who majored between 2006 and 2016 responded to the survey (out of 226)
  • Vanderbilt’s anthropology program has changed since 2006 and the responses of anthropology graduates may not reflect these changes.
  • 84.1% are employed, 13.6% pursue a higher degree, only 2.3% (1 person) are unemployed
  • Their annual salaries approximate the median income in the US; little evidence that anthropology graduates end up in low-paying jobs
  • Almost all work outside anthropology (the exception are a CRM archaeologist and an anthropology teacher); yet, half say that their job requires anthropology skills
  • Graduates highlight the following skills
  • Job-specific (e.g., physical anthropology for healthcare jobs)
  • General skills: academic writing and speaking; critical thinking / scientific method; cultural sensitivity; understanding (company) cultures
  • Almost all would major in anthropology again and would recommend it as a major to current students

2017 Survey of Anthropology Majors Pie Chart

2017 Survey of Anth Graduates Expanded Report