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Cinema and Media Arts faculty and admin seated around a conference table in large room with glass wall and row of computer stations

Core Faculty

A headshot of Jennifer Fay, a white woman with curly brown hair wearing glasses and a grey scarf with trees and water in the background

Jennifer Fay

Chair, Cinema & Media Arts
Professor, Cinema & Media Arts and English
Graduate Faculty, German Studies
Coordinator, Film Theory and Visual Culture Seminar

Office: Buttrick 003B


  • Transatlantic Film and Media Theory
  • Media Aesthetics and Politics
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Comparative Film Histories

Jonathan Waters standing at a podium

Jonathan Waters

Associate Chair, Cinema & Media Arts
Curator, iLens
Senior Lecturer, Cinema & Media Arts

Office: Buttrick 003E


  • Production
  • Film
  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Screenwriting

A headshot of Alejandro Acierto, a brown-skinned man with dark hair and beard who is laughing and wearing a black shirt

Alejandro Acierto

Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of Digital Art and New Media

Office: Ingram Studio Arts Building Room 212


  • Electronic Visualization
  • Digital Art
  • Contemporary Music
  • Sound Art
  • Installation Art

A headshot of Mickey Casad, a white woman with brown hair looking over her shoulder at the camera

Mickey Casad

Senior Lecturer, Cinema & Media Arts
Coordinator, Vanderbilt Center for Digital Humanities

Office: Digital Humanities Center


  • Digital Humanities
  • Race, Gender, and Technology
  • Digital Archives
  • Cultural Memory
  • Posthumanism

A headshot of Jay Clayton, a white man with white hair and glasses wearing a gray suit jacket and a patterned brown tie with books in the background

Jay Clayton

William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor, English and Cinema & Media Arts
Director, Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy

Office: Curb Center


  • Game Studies
  • Video Gaming
  • Transmedia
  • Remediation
  • Communication of Science

A headshot of Iggy Cortez, an Asian man with glasses and dark pushed back hair and short facial hair standing against a green background wearing a patterned shirt

Iggy Cortez

Mellon Assistant Professor, Cinema & Media Arts

Office: Buttrick 003C


  • World Art Cinema
  • Digital Media Ecologies
  • Queer Theory
  • Comparative Critical Race Studies
  • American Independent Film

A close headshot of Krista Knight, a smiling white woman with pink hair

Krista Knight

Writer in Residence, Cinema & Media Arts and Theatre

Office: Neely 206


  • Playwriting
  • Screenwriting
  • Stage and Screen
  • Storytelling
  • Media for Young Audiences

A headshot of Lutz Koepnick, a white man with close cropped hair wearing a navy button down shirt with bookshelves in the background


Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor, German and Cinema & Media Arts
Department Chair, GREES

Office: Furman 121A


  • Media Art
  • Art Cinema
  • Sound and Video Installation Art
  • Aesthetic Theory
  • Media Theory
  • German Film History

A headshot of Jim McFarland, a white man with short brown hair and gray and brown facial hair wearing a plaid shirt and standing against a brick background

Jim McFarland

Associate Professor, German and Cinema & Media Arts
Director of Undergraduate Studies, GREES

Office: Furman 119


  • Idealist Philosophy
  • Nietzsche
  • Critical Theory
  • Film
  • Modernism

An up-close headshot of Andrea Mirabile, a white man with dark hair and dark eyes

Andrea Mirabile

Associate Professor, Italian and Cinema & Media Arts

Office: Furman 224


  • Italian Cinema
  • French Cinema
  • Visual Theory
  • Word and Image
  • Ekphrasis

A headshot of Jonathan Rattner, a white man with dark hair and stubble wearing glasses and a plaid button down standing against a bookshelf and looking over his shoulder at the camera

Jonathan Rattner

Associate Professor, Cinema & Media Arts and Art

Office: Buttrick 003D


  • Documentaries
  • 16mm
  • Art Cinema
  • Cinematography
  • Experimental Filmmaking

A headshot of Helen Shin, an Asian woman with dark hair wearing a black shirt

Helen Shin

Assistant Professor, English and Cinema & Media Arts

Office: 412 Benson Science Hall


  • Posthuman
  • Digital Media
  • Science Fiction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Asian Studies
  • Asian American Studies

A headshot of Claire Sisco King, a white woman with long blonde hair wearing a large necklace and a multi-colored jacket

Claire Sisco King

Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Cinema & Media Arts
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Communication Studies

Office: 220L Edgehill


  • Critical Cultural Studies
  • Rhetoric
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Celebrity
  • Trauma