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Spring 2023 Classes

Fundamentals of Film and Video Production
Course Number: CMA 1500
Instructor: Jonathan Waters
Description: Technologies and techniques of filmmaking. Digital video cameras, staging and lighting, sound recording, post-production sound, and image editing.
Attributes: AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts, Eligible for Communication of Science and Tech


Introduction to Film and Media Studies
Course Number: CMA 1600
Instructor: Iggy Cortez or Megan Minarich
Description: Stylistic tendencies and narrative strategies, genres, and theoretical approaches. Live-action cinema, animation, experimental cinema, television, and computer-generated moving images.
Attributes: AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts, Eligible for American Studies Major, Eligible for Art, Eligible for Communication of Science and Tech


Digital Production Workshop
Course Number: CMA 2260
Instructor: Jonathan Rattner
Description: Digital cinematography, sound design, and editing. Individual and group projects.

The Art and Practice of Short Film Production. In this intermediate production course you will make short films in different modes and genres (fiction, documentary, experimental), study and produce short form screenplays, watch film festival programs focused on the short form, meet and talk to filmmakers and/or film festival programmers.
Attributes: Eligible for Communication of Science and Tech


Film and Media Theory
Course Number: CMA 2300
Instructor: Jennifer Fay
Description: Historical overview of the major analytical and critical approaches to the study of film as an aesthetic and cultural form. Contemporary perspectives on cinema, video, and new media.
Attributes: AXLE: Perspectives, Eligible for Art


Advanced Screenwriting
Course Number: CMA 2600W
Instructor: Krista Knight
Description: Story structure, character development, and dialogue.
Attributes: AXLE: 2000-level and above W course, AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts, Eligible for Communication of Science and Tech


Global Korean Cinema
Course Number: CMA 3771
Instructor: We Jung Yi
Description: From the colonial period to the Korean Wave in the new millennium. Film criticism, transnational and national contexts of film production, aesthetics of auteurs and genres, and local and global receptions of Korean cinema.
Attributes: AXLE: International Cultures, Cross-listed with ASIA 2412


Special Topics in Film and Video Production – The Art of Editing
Course Number: CMA 3891
Instructor: John Warren
Description: Theory, practice, and art of video post-production with emphasis on video editing.


Special Topics in Film and Video Production – Digital Storytelling
Course Number: CMA 3891
Instructor: Mickey Casad
Description: Interactive Narratives, Digital Memory, and Storytelling Emphasizing interconnections between identity, cultural memory, and narrative practice in the digital age, students will learn about effective and meaningful storytelling with digital technologies across a variety of applications and platforms. Students will explore interactive narratives, read theoretical works about narrative, memory, and technology, and create a series of engaged, interactive stories of their own, using a variety of digital technologies to mobilize different kinds of imaginative immersion and interactivity.


Special Topics in the Study of Film – Race in Film and Media
Course Number: CMA 3892
Instructor: Iggy Cortez
Description: How cinema and other modern technologies produce race as an object of knowledge and control. The concept of race across Hollywood cinema, independent film, contemporary art, television, social media, and surveillance networks.
Attributes: AXLE: Humanities and the Creative Arts


Senior Seminar on Film Practice
Course Number: CMA 4962
Instructor: Jonathan Rattner
Description: Advanced independent filmmaking, portfolio assembly, and professionalism.