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Cinema and Media Arts faculty and admin seated around a conference table in large room with glass wall and row of computer stations

Affiliated Faculty

Vanessa Beasley (Communication Studies)

Joy Calico (Music)

Colin Dayan (English)

Aleksey Dubilet (English)

Gerald Figal (History and Asian Studies)

Phillip Franck (Theatre)

Jay Geller (Divinity School)

Sam B. Girgus (English)

Yoshikuni Igarashi (History)

Scott Juengel (English)

Daniel Levin (Psychology, Peabody)

Stanley Link (Music)

Megan Minarich (The Writing Studio)

Letizia Modena (French and Italian)

Michelle Murray (Spanish and Portuguese)

Emanuelle Oliveira (Portuguese)

Kelly Oliver (Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies)

Vesna Pavlovic (Art)

Lynn T. Ramey (French)

Akshya Saxena (English)

T. Sharpley-Whiting (African American and Diaspora Studies and French)

Anand V. Taneja (Religious Studies)

Benigno Trigo (Spanish)

John Warren (Art)

Mark A. Wollaeger (English)