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Eu Zavaleta

Graduate Student

Eugenia is a Salvadoran anthropologist graduated from Universidad de El Salvador (2015) whose main interests are the anthropology of childhood, education, public policies, agency theory, violence, and human rights.  She earned a Bachelor Degree in Sociocultural Anthropology and her thesis research focused on recognizing the modern and old discourses about children rights in different social groups and scales of intervention (worldwide, national, municipal and local). An analysis of the construction of a national policy for protecting children and adolescents and the reactions of Salvadoran society are offered in this material. She also participated as an ethnographer in the project “National Evaluation of Quality of Childcare- El Salvador”, conducted by anthropologist Tomas Matza (University of Pittsburgh), where she learned about the upbringing practices and childhood conceptions across El Salvador, according to socioeconomic backgrounds and gender practices. Nowadays she is eager to work directly with children in contexts of violence from an anthropological perspective, in order to learn about their agency capacity to transform situations. She is also a volunteer member of El Salvador’s committee in the World Organization of Early Childhood Education.


You can learn more about her works below: