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Welcome to CASPAR

CASPAR is the College of Arts & Science Pre-major Academic Resource. We help pre-major students in the College of Arts and Science define their academic and future interests. Our dedicated academic advisers provide specialized support as students navigate course selection, choosing a major, and understanding university policies. We are excited to work with you throughout your first three semesters at Vanderbilt!


First-Year Fall 2024 Registration Form


Caspar Team



Important Dates:
  • June 3-7: Week 1 Registration begins
  • June 10-14: Week 2 Registration begins
  • June 17-21: Week 3 Registration begins
  • July 17: Open Enrollment begins
  • Aug 21: First day of classes
  • Aug 29: Last day to waitlist a class


Useful Links
  • First-Year Welcome : Includes a timeline of what course registration for your first semester will look like for you.
  • AXLE Guide : An overview of the College of Arts and Science core curriculum requirements. Please note that AXLE is the core curriculum for students entering prior to Fall 2025; students entering in Fall 2025 and later will take the College Core.
  • 2023/2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog : Containing general information and courses of study for the 2023/2024 session.


For a more detailed look at the 2024 - 2025 Academic Calendar, please see here .