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Dear students,

In these unsteady times, I wanted to reach out to all of you with a message from CASPAR. We understand that the events of this semester have turned life upside down. For some of you, these changes may not be as impactful as they have been for others. Please know that we are here to help you with any questions that you have and that if we don’t know the answer, we’ll help you find it.

We understand that finishing the semester remotely is going to be a strange experience and is certainly not the ideal way to end your first year at Vanderbilt. However, we hope that you can remember that it is in times of adversity that we find out what we are truly capable of. I hope each of you can see this situation as a challenge to practice some of life’s most important skills: flexibility, resilience, and creativity.

Finally, we understand that some of you might be nervous or anxious about the remainder of the semester. This is natural--the rules are being rewritten as new information comes to light and uncertainty is not comfortable. At the very least, please know that everyone at Vanderbilt is working hard to make sure that this goes as smoothly as possible. We don’t know what exactly that will look like or how things might change, but we are all doing our best to support y’all.

I hope that everyone stays safe and well.

Best wishes,

Dr. Yant

Director of CASPAR