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One of the challenges to starting out at Vanderbilt is figuring out what is the right level of a course for you to take. Prior study, test credit, and your intended course of study can help determine placement.

Some factors that affect placement:

- Prerequisites: Some classes require you to have satisfied certain prerequisites in order to be eligible to take a higher-level class. Under "Requirements" on the class detail page in YES you can see if the class has any mandatory prerequisites. AP, IB, and other test credit can satisfy prerequisites. 

- Some upper-level classes have no prerequisites but may not be appropriate for a first-year student, whereas some classes may have high course numbers, but are fine for first-year students to take. Check with your CASPAR adviser if you're interested in an upper-level class to discuss whether it's likely to be a good fit for you.

- Some majors require students to start with particular sequences of classes in order to be on track to complete the major in four years. Make sure to speak with your CASPAR adviser about any majors or minors you're considering in order to find out if there are classes you need to prioritize your first semester.


Many students have questions regarding placement in Calculus, Chemistry, Foreign Languages, and Computer Science. Please see the relevant guides for each of those fields. Your CASPAR adviser is a great resource for discussing those subject areas as well as any others that you're considering.