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Declaring Majors and Minors


When is the earliest I can declare a major? 

Students in the College of Arts & Science can declare a major as soon as their third semester in residence. For most students, this is the start of their sophomore year. 

When is the deadline to declare a major?

Students in the College of Arts and Science must declare a major by midway through their fourth semester in residence.  For most students, this deadline is the Friday before Spring Break of their sophomore year.

What happens if I don't declare a major by the deadline? 

Students who have not declared a major by the deadline may not be able to enroll in classes for the following semester until they have submitted the proper forms.

Are there advantages to declaring a major as soon as possible?

Yes. Most departments reserve seats in their classes for majors. Once your declaration has been processed, you become eligible for seats reserved for majors. YES will be able to enroll you in those seats during your registration window even if there are non-majors on the waitlist. You will also receive your major adviser, who will be a faculty member of your major's department and will be able to best advise you on requirements for the major and your intended sequence of classes.

Does my CASPAR adviser sign my major declaration form? 

No. While you are welcome to discuss your ideas about majors and minors with us, CASPAR advisers do not sign these forms. Your new major or minor adviser needs to sign the form.  

How do I find a major adviser?

This process differs from department to department. Go to your department's website to find out how your major assigns advisers and follow the instructions there.

Do I need an adviser for each major or minor?

Yes. If you have more than one major and/or a minor, you need to get an adviser for each. You'll need to go to each department's website and follow the process for being assigned an adviser for that major/minor. As you'll see below in the how to section, the copy of the major declaration form that you submit to the Office of Academic Services needs to have signatures from all of your major/minor advisers.

Can I change my major(s) or minor(s) later on?

Yes. You need to have one major declared by the deadline. However, you can add or drop majors and minors after that by submitting a new copy of the major/minor declaration form. See the Undergraduate Catalog for specific deadlines for making changes to majors and minors.

 Where can I see all the A&S majors and minors?

You can see a list of all the majors and minors offered by the College of Arts and Science here.

Where can I see the full policy on A&S majors and minors?

You can read about the full policy, including when during the semester major declarations are processed, and special cases such as double, triple, and the individually-created interdisciplinary major, here

How do I declare a major? 
    1. Print two copies of the major declaration form and fill it out.
    2. Go to the department website of your intended major to see how they assign major advisers. Call or visit the department office if you have questions. Many departments will have you visit the department office to be assigned an adviser.
    3. Meet with your new major adviser and get their signature on both copies of the major declaration form. Note: If your major adviser is not on campus, email them a copy of your major declaration form. They will either sign it and email it back to you or send you an email in place of a signature. Print the email and attach it to your major declaration form.
    4. Leave one form with the major department.
    5. Bring one form to 350 Buttrick, the Office of Academic Services for the College of Arts and Science. For students with multiple majors/minors, the form returned to the OAS must have the signature of all major/minor advisers. If you are unable to stop by Buttrick 350: In one email: forward the email from your major adviser and attach your completed major declaration form to the A&S Office of Academic Services at For students with multiple majors/minors, the email sent to the OAS must have the signature/email permissions of all major/minor advisers.