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AP, IB, and Other Test Credit

How to Submit AP/IB credit:

You need to have the College Board/International Baccalaureate send your scores directly to Vanderbilt. After about a week, you can check your Academic Record, External tab, in YES to verify that your scores have posted.

What AP/IB credit can do:

  1. Help determine your placement in courses like calculus and foreign language.
  2. Satisfy the foreign language proficiency and Basic Composition requirements in AXLE.
  3. Count toward majors and minors—check with the department of your intended major and/or minor: AP/IB credit policies vary by department.
  4. Count toward the 120 hours you need to graduate, with limits. From the Undergraduate Catalog: “Students of the College of Arts and Science are limited to a total of 18 credit hours earned by any combination of advanced placement, international baccalaureate credit, advanced international credit, and credit by departmental examination, counting toward the minimum number of hours required toward the degree.”

What AP/IB credit cannot do:

  1. Count as AXLE courses.  For example, AP credit for English 1300W (Language) does not satisfy the W course requirement in AXLE, nor does AP credit for Political Science 1100 (American Government and Politics) satisfy the History and Culture of the U.S. category. All AXLE courses, including writing courses, must be taken at Vanderbilt.

Click here for various AP and IB exams and the scores necessary to receive Vanderbilt credit. Scores on these exams can also determine placement into certain courses.  Students are encouraged to talk to their CASPAR advisers if they have questions about credit or placement resulting from their scores on these exams.


Other Pre-college Credit:

  1. For A-levels, click here.
  2. For other international course credit, click here.


Please refer to the External tab of your Academic Record in YES for a summary of your advanced credit.  Should your scores not be listed correctly there, please take a copy of the scores to 350 Buttrick Hall or email the A&S Office of Academic Services. Direct any questions about AP and IB credit to  in the Office of Academic Services for the College of Arts and Science.

You can find more information in the Academic Policies section of the Office of Academic Services website.