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How to Withdraw from a Class

After the add/drop period has ended, we enter the withdraw period of the semester. During this time, if you choose to withdraw from a class, you will have a W on your transcript. The W is not factored into your GPA. 

If you are considering withdrawing from a class, make an appointment to speak with your CASPAR adviser first to discuss what this might mean for you.

After the withdraw period ends (see Academic Calendar for semester-specific deadlines), you no longer have the option to withdraw from a class. 

Note: Half-semester business modules have different add/drop and withdraw deadlines than full-semester classes.


How to do it: 

  • Complete the "Change of Course Request" form, found here. (You can find the YES class number when you click on the class detail in YES). 
  • Request your instructor's approval to withdraw from the class.
    • either a physical signature on the form or an email from your professor giving permission will suffice.
  • Forward the form and the permission from your professor to your CASPAR adviser. Note: your CASPAR adviser cannot sign the form until you send them your professor's approval.
  • Your CASPAR adviser will then give their adviser approval for you to withdraw, either via a signature on the form or an email.
  • Compile your materials and send ONE email to with:
    • your completed form
    • professor's approval or signature
    • CASPAR adviser's approval or signature
  • Make sure to submit your request by the deadline.