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Advising Offices

In addition to the academic advising offered by CASPAR, the following offices offer other types of student advising:


Global Education Office (GEO)

Offers advising and coordination of international study abroad programs.

Health Professions Advisory Office (HPAO)

Offers advising for students considering pre-health professions on courses of study, shadowing, MCAT, and application to medical or other health professional schools.

Pre-Law Advising

Offers advising for students considering law school, including recommended courses, LSAT, and applications.

Career Center

Offers advising for students regarding exploring possible careers, internships, and professional opportunities.

Office of Immersion Resources

Offers advising on planning your individual Immersion project. 

Office of Active Citizenship and Service (OACS)

Offers advising for students who are interested in participating in service projects.