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Taking a Class Pass/Fail



Sophomores and above have the option of taking a class pass/fail. There are various stipulations regarding eligibility. Please read the full eligibility requirements here


You have until the withdraw deadline to select pass/fail grading. 

You then have until the withdraw deadline to elect to revert from pass/fail back to graded status.

See Academic Calendar for exact deadlines for each semester.


If you are on a pre-professional track, like pre-med, you may not want to take required pre-medical classes pass/fail, even if they are eligible based on A&S criteria. Consult with your CASPAR adviser and the relevant pre-professional advising office (for ex. HPAO).


How to do it

  1. Fill out the change of course request form.
  2. Email the completed form to your CASPAR adviser to sign/email you approval.
  3. Submit the completed form and your CASPAR adviser's approval to the Arts and Science Office of Academic Services (