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Dean's Faculty Fellows

The Dean’s Faculty Fellows Program launched in 2018 to support untenured faculty in their research, scholarship, and creative expression during their probationary period. After reviewing many highly competitive nominations, a committee has selected seven recipients for 2018. These faculty were selected because of their scholarly accomplishments and the promise they show to make an impact in their respective fields. They will hold the title for two years and receive additional support for their research. 


Eight headshots of men and women

  • Megan Behringer - Steven and Bunny Fayne Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Biological Sciences, is a biologist who employs experimental evolution combined with genomic analysis to study how environmental factors affect genetic variation.

  • Raheleh Filsoofi - S Family Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Race, Racial Justice, and Social Justice, is an itinerant artist, feminist curator, and community service advocate. Her work synthesizes socio-political statements as a point of departure and further challenges these fundamental arguments by incorporating ancient and contemporary media.

  • Patrick Greiner - C Family Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Grand Challenges: Climate and Society, explores how various forms of inequality emerging from social, political, and economic structures pattern socio-environmental outcomes in ways that are often detrimental to environmental systems and harmful to marginalized social groups.

  • Bohyeong Kim - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Communication Studies, is a scholar of critical media and cultural studies with a particular emphasis on Korea and East Asia. Her research focuses on the relationship between the media, culture, and the capitalist economy.

  • Amanda Lea - Frank Kelly Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Climate Studies, focuses on evolutionary biology, genomics, and human health research. Her lab studies small-scale, subsistence-level populations that are currently transitioning to more urban and market-integrated lifestyles.

  • Bianca Manago - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Sociology, studies the causes and consequences of social labels. Her research focuses on inequality in areas such as health, race, gender, and sexuality.

  • Michelle Marcus - C Family Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Economics, works to quantify the health impacts of exposure to environmental toxins and explores the roles that governmental policy and increased information can play in mitigating these health effects.

  • We Jung Yi - Cornelius Vanderbilt Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Asian Studies, is a scholar of comparative Asian studies, translation theory, film and media studies, gender criticism, and histories of violence in the Pacific Rim.



Dean's Faculty Fellows 2021-2023

  • Lars Plate - Cornelius Vanderbilt Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Chemistry and Biological Sciences, is a chemical biologist whose research focuses on understanding the timing and network of protein interactions that drive the function of healthy cells and provide insights into what causes disease when these networks are disrupted.

  • Raisa Rexer - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in French, is a scholar of the literature and culture of 19th century France, with interests in the intersection of the visual arts and literature and the early history of photography.

  • Tasha Rijke-Epstein - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in History, is a historian of the island of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. She has research interests in urban history, material culture, built forms, museums and public history, and politics of kinship and belonging.

  • Larry Rolen - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Math, is a mathematician whose work focuses on number theory, particularly so-called harmonic Maass forms and modular-type functions. 

  • Akshya Saxena - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in English, is a scholar of 20th and 21st century Anglophone world literature, film, and media, with a focus on South Asia.

  • Simone Stirner - Max Kade Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Contemporary German Studies, is a scholar of 20th and 21st century German literature, with particular interest in poetry and poetics, memory studies, and German/Hebrew literature.

  • Ann Tate - Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Biological Sciences, is a biologist who studies the temporal and evolutionary dynamics of host-microbe interactions to understand the mechanisms that shape the immune system and its function.


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