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Dean's Faculty Fellows

The Dean’s Faculty Fellows Program launched in 2018 to support untenured faculty in  their research, scholarship, and creative expression during their probationary period. After reviewing  many highly competitive nominations, a committee has selected seven recipients for 2018. These  faculty were selected because of their scholarly accomplishments and the promise they show  to make an impact in their respective fields. They will hold the title for two years and receive  additional support for their research. 

 2018-2020 Dean's Faculty Fellows


Allison Anoll , Assistant Professor of Political Science, whose research focuses on how social

context, connections, and norms affect political participation, especially among racial and

ethnic minorities. 


Brandon Byrd , Assistant Professor of HistoryBritton Family Faculty Fellow in History,

whose research focuses on History of the  19th  and 20th  century U.S. with specializations

in African American History and the African Diaspora. 


Marcelo Disconzi , Assistant Professor of Math, whose research focuses on geometric

analysis, fluid dynamics, relativistic fluids, and mathematical physics.


Andrew Goodman-Bacon , Assistant Professor of Economics, whose research focuses on the

intersections of economic history, health economics, inequality, and public economics.


Diana Heney , Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Greg S. Allen Faculty Fellow in Philosophy,

whose research focuses on the objectivity of ethical  judgements, the nature of moral judgements,

and ethical issues pertaining to mental illness


Jessie Runnoe Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, whose research focuses on Quasar central engines,

long-term variability, and unification; the host-AGN connection; low-frequency gravitational waves,

and supermassive black hole binaries.   


Stephen Taylor Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, whose research focuses on gravitational wave

astrophysics, multi-messenger astronomy, statistical inference, black holes, neutron stars, and pulsar timing arrays.


Sharece Thrower , Assistant Professor of Political Science, whose research focuses on how

Congress and the courts constrain the president’s use of various policy instruments such as

executive orders, signing statements, rulemaking, and regulatory review.


Steven Townsend , Assistant Professor of Chemistry, whose research focuses on the

chemistry and chemical biology of sugars.


Rebecca VanDiver , Assistant Professor of Art History, whose research focuses on African

American art.


Guojun Wang , Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, whose research focuses on late imperial

Chinese literature.