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About Us

Welcome to CASPAR, the College of Arts and Science’s Pre-major Academic Advising Resource Center.

Our office guides pre-major students in the College of Arts and Science as they forge their own academic path. Our dedicated team of academic advisers supports students through all aspects of their academic experience at Vanderbilt.

CASPAR advisers help students:

  • Create an academic plan that reflects their interests, strengths, and goals.
  • Navigate AXLE, the College of Arts and Science’s core curriculum.
  • Understand academic policies and procedures.
  • Select appropriate courses and dev elop a workable schedule.
  • Answer questions about incoming credit and course placements.
  • Access available academic supports and resources.
  • Explore their intellectual interests, while still completing their academic requirements.

We are excited to work with you throughout your first three semesters at Vanderbilt!